Review – R.E.Load Midpack Messenger Backpack

We got our R.E.Load Midpack in just before Christmas and have been using it for various errands and trips to put it through its paces...

Chamois Cream Shootout: Chamois Butt’r – Beljum Budder – DZ Nuts

For the past few months we've been testing three different chamois creams: Beljum Budder, DZ Nuts and Chamois Butt'r's new Eurostyle. We had three... Review – Squirt Lube

Squirt Lube is a water/wax emulsion dry lube that claims to keep your chain clean and quiet while environmentally friendly.  The biodegradable formula contains...

Bikerumor Review – SKS Mini Bicycle Pumps

A while back, SKS sent us these two mini bicycle pumps to review...and for three months, I had only one flat, and of course,...

Bikerumor Review – SpinPower Environmental Lubes, Cleaners and Bike Care

SpinPower bicycle lubes, cleaners and degreasers is a line environmentally responsible, biodegradable, non-toxic, super green bike care products.  On top of all that, they...

Wixter Headband – Bikerumor Review

We picked the über exciting category of headbands to do our first-ever formal product review...and it was awesome.  Seriously.  I've never been one to...



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