Vorsprung Suspsneion, Secus air spring upgrade

Vorpsrung Suspension’s Secus wows, offering coil-like performance from air-sprung forks

It’s easy to dismiss claims in competitive industries like cycling, but when Vorsprung Suspension says their Secus will make your air fork ride better...

Wide WTB gravel tires add improved SG2 puncture protection without much weight

Wider bars, wider rims, wider tires... there's no question that many gravel bikes are quickly evolving into more capable machines. But get too aggressive...
kryptonite incite bicycle light review with bike leaning against wall and shining the light on it

Review: Kryptonite Incite bike lights go d’Lux with interesting beam patterns, features

Whether for commuting or night riding on trails, most of us are familiar with lumen output for our bike lights. So when Kryptonite's new...
Bontrager R3 TLR Fast view

Bontrager R3 TLR road tires get a price drop, updated tubeless sizing &...

Bontrager's R3 tire is the brand's most extensive lineup, coming in sizes 23mm - 32mm to handle many different terrains. Now, they're offering two...
Bontragers new Verse saddle

New Bontrager Verse saddle covers a lot of ground, for the right rider

The all-new Bontrager Verse saddle lineup brings a fresh approach to fit and sizing. It has a slightly wider mid section, full length cutout,...
Wilier Cento10NDR profile

Review: Wilier’s Cento10 NDR elastomer suspension is a cobble crusher

Wilier's Triestina Cento10NDR is an endurance bike that incorporates ideas on comfort, both new and old. The Cento 10NDR sits at the endurance end...

Goodyear reinvents Road Tubeless w/ new Eagle F1 & Vector 4Seasons tires, and more!

In 2018, Goodyear and Rubber Kinetics teamed up to launch an all new range of bicycle tires bearing the 'winged foot'. Then, in 2019,...
tumbleweed persuader moto style mountain bike handlebar

Review: Tumbleweed’s radical moto-inspired, mountain touring Persuader handlebars

My partner recently picked up a pair of Tumbleweed Bicycle Company’s Persuader handlebars to potentially put on her gravel bike as part of a...
DT Swiss ARC aero road wheels, faster more aerodynamic SwissSide developed 20mm internal full-carbon hooked tubeless VU-shaped aero race carbon road bike wheelset

New DT Swiss ARC aero road wheels reshaped for faster wide tire aerodynamics

The new DT Swiss ARC aero race carbon road bike wheels grow wider & faster in a complete aerodynamic overhaul, featuring all-new narrow-nose profiles...



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