Bikerumor Editor’s Choice Awards 2019 – Steve’s picks

Wow, having the year 2020 on the horizon is almost as cool as that time we actually got to party like its 1999 (for...

Bikerumor Editor’s Choice Awards 2019 – Zach’s Best Bike and Gear Picks

As another year rapidly comes to a close, we're looking back at the best of the best we've seen and ridden in 2019. New...

Review: Mercury X1 Fiber-X Enduro Wheels ride smooth, engage quick, but aren’t perfect

It is safe to say that Utah-based Mercury Cycling have one of the most rad-looking enduro wheelsets currently available on the market. The wild-looking...

Review: XTR equipped Ibis Ripley v4 may be the perfect mix of short travel...

"I must have this." It wasn't long after my first spin on the newest Ibis Ripley that this thought crossed my mind. Over the...
industry nine hydra hub and enduro wheel review

Review: Industry Nine Hydra mountain bike wheels quickly crush any type of trail

We took two sets of the new Industry Nine Hydra Enduro wheels on our Eastern Tennessee mountain bike road trip, hitting three epic trail...
review of the onza aquila enduro mountain bike tire with tread pattern designed by aaron gwin

Review: Onza Aquila enduro mountain bike tires tackle anything, everything

For our bike park road trip through Eastern Tennessee, we hooked up with Onza tires to supply the rubber. We needed something that could...

Dream Build: Ibis Ripley v4 gets the full Shimano XTR 1×12 treatment

Earlier this year, Shimano gave us the opportunity to build up a bike of our choice with their newest XTR group. These kind of...

Review: The Trust Shout enduro fork brings linkage suspension up front, and it works!

For many years bike brands have been honing the way our rear wheels take an impact – so doesn’t it make sense to do...
hed vanquish aero road bike wheel review

Review: HED Vanquish carbon aero road bike wheels quickly handle any road

When the new HED Vanquish 6 wheels came out, they were the first full carbon clincher rim from the U.S. brand. Until then, they'd...



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