Project 24: Duelling Forecasts

Find all Project 24 posts here! There's nothing that will significantly increase the dread of a 24-hour race like the threat of 2 days worth...

Review: AME Heated Ergo Tri Grips, Gimmick or Greatness?

Initially, when I first approached Bob from AME at Interbike, it wasn't for their heated heated grips. I was more interested in their current...

Bike Build and Initial Review: Singular Swift

For the past couple of years, I've had a funny feeling in my tummy whenever I saw the lovely ads for Singular Cycles' Swift...

Review: Sun-Ringle Black Flag Pro 29er Wheels, Plus Originals

This review has been a long time coming... We actually started testing the Sun Ringle Black Flag 26" wheels in their original, top-of-the-line ceramic bearing'd...

Project 24 Update: The Build

Find all Project 24 posts here! After over two months of planning and anticipation, it's exciting to pull a collection of parts...

Feature Introduction: Bikerumor Project 24

Find all Project 24 posts here! There's little that will encourage a long, hard ride on a cold day like......

Review: Jagwire Ripcord shift cable set

There is nothing that will bring that 'new bike feel' to your well-used ride like a new set of cables...

Easton Haven 29er Alloy Wheels – Unboxed and Weighed

We've had some time on Easton's Haven 26" alloy wheelset, even dealing with some initial hub issues from early production that have apparently been...

Review: Crank Brothers Short SL Eggbeater Spindle Kit

Over the past few years, as internal bearing bottom brackets have been replaced with external bearing versions and cranks have been moved outboard to...



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