Long Term Review: Mission Workshop Vandal Backpack

I purchased the Mission Workshop Vandal backpack last January, and had written an initial impression review on my personal site, (just) Riding Along. Considering...

Review: Enzo’s ButtonHole Chamois Cream

An angry buttonhole makes for a lousy ride, and if it (or its neighbors) aren't happy, you won't be either. Enzo's Cycling Products knows this,...

Review/How To: Hutchinson Rep’air Tubeless Tire Patch Kit

I know what you're thinking, "why in the world would someone review a patch kit?" The fact of the matter is that, while there...

Review: Chocolate #9 Energy Gel – Low Glycemic Energy from Agave and Cocoa

Chocolate #9 is unique in the energy gel world. First, it only has two ingredients: Organic Agave and Breakfast Cocoa. Second, it has an extremely...

Bikerumor Review: Hammer’s Super Antioxidant x PomX Antioxidant Recovery

During the Breck Epic this year, I added some antioxidant "recovery" products to my usual agenda of post-ride Hammer Recoverite and whey protein drink...

Review: Smith Pivlock V90 sunglasses

When I first saw Smith's Pivlock V90 sunglasses advertised, I'll admit to being pretty dismissive of their main selling point.  After all, the bike...

Review: KT Tape

As someone who is no stranger to a bit of sports-related knee pain and who travels in circles well populated with physical therapists, I...

Stay clean with the Nomad 18 Volt Portable Pressure Washer

A clean bike is a happy bike and a happy bike usually means a happy rider. It may not be the best part about...

Cycling Books For Kids: Mike and the Bike and Pop-Up Tour de France

Now that the Tour de France's annual hold on our time at home has passed and we can't excuse ourselves from family duties to...



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