Moji Lower Back Icing Pad

This product is simple yet effective. It serves one purpose, to ice the lower back; a purpose in which it accomplishes with great avail....

Book Review: Roadie; The Misunderstood World of a Bike Racer

If you consider yourself a “roadie,” chances are you get a lot of strange looks from your friends, family, and coworkers when you don...

Review: Sufferfest – The Downward Spiral Cycling Trainer Video

5 A couple week's back, Sufferfest's owner David sent us a digital copy of The Downward Spiral.  The DS is his first trainer video (there's...

Review: Global Ride Hawaii Cycling Training DVDs

1 REVIEW: We actually received Global Ride's DVD's in early Summer, but we procrastinated and kept riding outdoors.  Now that it's dark by the...

Review: Bicycle Dreams Movie – Race Across America Here We Come

Bicycle Dreams, a documentary about the RAAM (Race Across America), is a heck of a film. Produced by Stephen Auerbach, it's won SIX...

Mini Review: Simbree Energy Bites

Simbree Energy Bites are little nuggets of nutritional, natural energy food.  They're made with real food that's not adulterated with any processing, preservatives or...

Bikerumor Review: Kinetic Koffee’s Espresso Kinetico & Morning Mayhem

A bit ago, we beat Mark (Ritz, co-owner) to the punch by leaking his new label designs.  They adorned the four packs of freshly...

Bikerumor Review – Campagnolo 75th Anniversary Book

Campagnolo's "75 Years of Cycling Passion" was released a couple of months ago, and we've had the chance to review it in depth.  Coinciding... Review – Motor Tabs Sports Drink

Long overdue, here's our review of Motor Tab's sports drink.  I tested these a couple of weeks before Interbike, but with all the hullabaloo...



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