Bikerumor Review: Keen Springwater Cycling Shoe

Keen's new Springwater cycling shoes debuted in January for Spring/Summer 09. I've been riding them around town for a couple of months, and though I... Review – R.E.Load Midpack Messenger Backpack

We got our R.E.Load Midpack in just before Christmas and have been using it for various errands and trips to put it through its paces... Review – The Bike Fit Kit

For the past few months we've been using The Bike Fitting Kit to check the fit on our bikes, both road and mountain. The $29.95...

Chamois Cream Shootout: Chamois Butt’r – Beljum Budder – DZ Nuts

For the past few months we've been testing three different chamois creams: Beljum Budder, DZ Nuts and Chamois Butt'r's new Eurostyle. We had three... Review – Squirt Lube

Squirt Lube is a water/wax emulsion dry lube that claims to keep your chain clean and quiet while environmentally friendly.  The biodegradable formula contains...

Bikerumor Review – SKS Mini Bicycle Pumps

A while back, SKS sent us these two mini bicycle pumps to review...and for three months, I had only one flat, and of course,...

Bikerumor Review – NiteFlux Photon 4 – Crazy Bright Commuter Light

NiteFlux is an Australian brand of bicycle lights, offering a full range for commuters to racers.  We tested the Photon 4 Commuter light, which is...

Bikerumor Review – Campagnolo 75th Anniversary Book

Campagnolo's "75 Years of Cycling Passion" was released a couple of months ago, and we've had the chance to review it in depth.  Coinciding...

Bikerumor Review – Reel Light Commuter Bike Lights

Reelight is a Danish company that makes the first magnet-powered bike lights.  Yep, there anything they can't do!  Seriously, though, there are some...



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