Apidura Packable Backpack Packable Musette light on-body bags, lightweight waterproof packables haul extra capacity bikepacking adventure packs

Review: Apidura’s light, waterproof packable bags give you extra capacity when you need it...

Apidura Packables adds a pair of tiny multi-purpose bags that probably offer more versatility than anything else in their regular bikepacking bag line-up. Packables...
Roval Control SL Team Issue wheelset, Steve Fisher, La Ventana

First Ride! Roval’s ultralight Control SL Team Issue wheels snap off the line, hold...

Back in early March, I spent a few days riding the new Roval Control SL Team Issue wheelset at Rancho Cacachilas, an eco-friendly adventure...
Ride Sour Clueless all road bike, affordable modern steel disc brake adaptable endurance all road bike

Review: Sour Clueless steel road bike is the epitome of modern all-road versatility

When you are looking for a bike that can smoothly transition from bike commuting to weekend group rides to a bit of adventurous dirt...
sram force axs wide range group with 43-30 chainrings and 10-36 cassette review and actual weights

SRAM Force AXS Wide – Actual weights & first ride review

The new SRAM Force AXS "Wide" group does a lot. It offers a super-compact 43/30 chainring combo for hilly terrain or loaded bikepacking adventure...
Mullet Honey Maker Mixed Wheel Mountain Bike

Review: Has Mullet Cycles nailed mixing wheel sizes with their titanium Honey Maker?

Past attempts at mixed wheels have failed miserably so let’s break down why do it in the first place, where things went wrong, and...
Kenda Pinner Pro mountain bike tire review, Steve Fisher, rock slab

Review: Kenda Pinner Pro tires offer great grip and yaw-some cornering

There’s nothing better than a set of tires that perform well on your local terrain; currently I’m feeling grateful that Kenda sent me their...

Review: GEO Handguards protect your paws and controls from trees, just don’t go OTB

GEO Handguards are the so-called helmet for your hands. Unlike most MTB handguards, GEOs loop right the way around the handlebar grip, from a...

Hands On: Giro Manifest Spherical appears to be Giro’s next great mountain bike helmet

Based on the trajectory of Giro's Spherical technology, I was fully expecting a trail helmet to show up for their latest launch. But when...

Review: Kuat Pivot V2 Bicycle Hitch Rack swing away adapter is the best yet

There are products out there that while certainly more of a luxury item, once you use them, you feel as if they are an...



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