EXT Racing Shox have released Superlight V2 Springs for the Storia coil shock, saving up to 30% on weight over the previous Superlight generation. Made up of a new steel containing a higher amount of Vanadium, the new springs are said to be capable of withstanding higher dynamic stresses with improved life span, too.

EXT Superlight V2 Springs

ext superlight v2 springs coil shock lighter option higher tensile strength

EXT’s Superlight V2 Springs do not need any preload (maximum 2mm preload). c. Extreme Shox

EXT have subtly changed the material composition and manufacturing process for their new Superlight V2 Springs, giving them a higher tensile strength while shaving up to 30% off the weight. The brand claim they can now offer springs at a comparable weight to titanium options but at 1/3 of the price. For example, the 450 lbs/spring in C65 spring weighs a claimed 275g.

ext estoria emtb coil shock

EXT e-Storia is engineered to withstand the additional weight and forces associated with eMTB, with a number of key upgrades to the chassis and damping system to improve reliability.

The new Superlight V2 springs are designed specifically to work with the EXT Storia, E-Storia and Arma coil shocks, though they can also be fitted on other brands’ shocks too with a special adapter that is sold separately.

Beyond the increased percentage of Vanadium, EXT is unable to share with us exactly how the composition and manufacturing process of these new Superlight V2 springs is different, keeping that proprietary information close to their chest. What they have told us, however, is that these springs are developed to fulfill the automotive standard lifespan of 500k cycles.

Pricing & Availability

ext superlight v2 65mm 75mm stroke options c65 c75 mtb coil shock

The EXT Superlight V2 Springs retail at 109 € + VAT. They are available in 65mm and 75mm stroke options, with a wide range of spring rates available for each. For the C65, spring rates increase in 25 lbs/in increments from 325 lbs/in up to 600 lbs/in. From 600 lbs/in up to 800 lbs/in the increments increase to 50 lbs/in. For these higher spring rate coils additional hardware is necessary. For the C75 stoke springs, spring rates increase in 25 lbs/in increments from 225 lbs/in right up to 600 lbs/in. 

ext superlight v2 springs c65 c75 stroke lengths weight chart



  1. nooner on

    Very interesting.. I would typically run a Renton titanium coil spring and get slightly better weight savings but the cost of Ti springs is much higher.


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