Hustle City is an exiting new addition to the world of trainer-based video games. But since the original version required a smart trainer (and a smart phone), the barrier to entry was fairly high. Now, thanks to the latest update to the game, you can get smarter about your training — even if you have a dumb trainer.

Given that the game is built around the story of a fictional bike messenger, Hustle City decided to team up with a real bike messenger to celebrate the news. The video above gives a taste of Juan Quiroz’ typical rides through the streets of L.A. as a veteran bike messenger, but then he takes things inside to check out Hustle City with the help of a speed sensor.

Now all that’s required to play the game is a Garmin or Wahoo BLE enabled speed sensor, a bike, any trainer or rollers, your iOS phone or iPad (and a way to screen mirror), and the app which allows you to download and play Episode One for free. If you want more, you can purchase the rest of the season for $19.99.

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