If you’re a fan of the elliptical chainring, Wolf Tooth Components should have your attention. Following in the pedal strokes of a number of previous Drop-Stop elliptical rings, WTC is introducing three more designs to continue to add compatibility.M

For those that aren’t current on all of the chainring standards, there have been a number of new BCDs and bolt spacings introduced in recent years which makes the addition of new rings a necessity…

SH-110-BCD-Elliptical-40T-Black-02_1024x1024 Shimano_110_BCD_elliptical_1_1024x1024

For Shimano, WTC will be selling rings for both the new XT M8000 96mm BCD crank as well as 110 asymmetric 4 bolt road cranks. Other than their new fitting, the rings carry all of the same features and benefits of WTC elliptical rings with their patent pending Drop-Stop tooth profile and 7075-T6 aluminum construction. Using standard shape, the rings have a 10° ovality and 112° timing after Top Dead Center. The XT M8000 elliptical will sell for $64.95 in 30, 32, and 34t while the 110 4 bolt BCD ring will be a little more at $78.95 in 38, 40, and 42t.

RaceFace reverse dish 2

Photos c. WTC

RaceFace reverse dish 1

Big news for fat bike riders is the addition of a reverse dish elliptical ring for RaceFace Cinch cranks. For a while now, fat bikers have been reversing the rings on Cinch cranks which offsets the dish towards the outside of the bike. This allows for proper chain line when running a crankset designed for a 170mm dropout bike on 190mm frame. Anyone who has pedaled the monstrous q-factor of a true 190mm (dropout) crank knows how big of deal this actually is.

Now, WTC is offering an elliptical chainring that is meant for this exact use. When used with a crank meant for a 170mm fat bike, the ring provides a 75mm chainline that is ideal for 190/197mm dropout frames. Selling for $69.95, the rings will be sold in 28, 30, and 32t options with 30t shipping now.



  1. Eric Hansen on

    I don’t get Q factor love. Sure, it’s novel to switch from my 190 DO spacing fatbike to a road bike and feel like i’m doing a little jig on my own feet, but the 190 is eminently rideable. You just need to get used to whatever Q factor you’re riding that day.


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