Standert Triebwerk CR classic lightweight steel rim brake road bike, photo by Savannah van der Niet, Mont Ventoux

Standert Triebwerk CR ignores trends, builds beautiful classic steel road bikes

While the world builds more aero carbon disc brake road bikes, Berlin's Standert Triebwerk CR eschews trends to refine a classic and classy steel...
Velocio, Apidura, What Happened Outdoors cycling kit repair service, Repair Don't Replace, Cory Fixing Stuff

Repair Don’t Replace: Velocio, Apidura & What Happened team up to repair Europe’s gear

A new partnership between clothing maker Velocio with the repair workshops of Apidura and What Happened Outdoors makes cycling kit more sustainable for European...

Must Watch: This is Home – Matt Hunter, a Shimano Original

Home. We've all been forced to revisit what that word means as the world has struggled through this pandemic. While most mountain bikers are...
raleigh stride cargo e-bike

Raleigh Stride Cargo e-Bike Coming to the UK with Room to Spare

The new Raleigh Stride cargo e-bike looks something like my dad's favorite wheelbarrow from back in the day. Durable, light, a little boxy, with...

Best Commuter Bikes of 2021: Ride to work or school in comfort, speed and...

If you're looking for a dedicated commuter bike to ride to work or around town on errands, you're likely looking for a bike in...
bikerumor pic of the day a bicycle has bike packing bags on it and is posed in front of a large calm lake with mountains surrounding it.

Bikerumor Pic Of The Day: Telemark, Norway

Photo submitted by Thomas Tveit Rosenlund, "Had a two day getaway going to Nisser (lake) in Telemark, Norway. A pleasant stay at the lakeside...
Bosch Performance Line CX e-MTB updates

New Bosch Tour+ eBike Tech Optimizes Range, Cuts Toggling

Do you want eMTB software that only helps you when you need it? Maybe something that optimizes range so you can get further into...
Lezyne soft goods line newest additions (photo/Lezyne)

Carry All Kinds of Sweet Gear with New Lezyne Soft Goods & Bags

Lezyne is a brand that values going hard, even when it comes to the softer stuff. With the latest release of Lezyne soft goods,...

Best Women’s Cycling Shorts of 2021: Ride Comfortable on the Road and Trails

Choosing the right bike shorts for you is one of the most important things a woman cyclist can do for her riding comfort. A...

American-made Ibis Exie MTB starts shipping today with a 4.4lb frame

It's finally here. After starting with a limited run of small Ripleys, Ibis has scaled up Carbon 831 to introduce its first new carbon...
3D printed silca titanium bike tools

Silca 3D prints ultralight titanium shop tools, hammers away the weight

If you routinely pack, carry, and unpack your tools for pit work or team bike maintenance at the races, these new Silca Titanium Shop...
PRO Vibe Evo handlebar, fully-integrated 1-piece aero carbon road bike bar+stem cockpit, riding

PRO Vibe Evo handlebar completely reshapes integrated 1-piece aero road bike cockpit

PRO's new Vibe Evo handlebars are a ground-up redesign of aero road bike cockpits, taking integrated designs to the extremes. Sure, we've seen plenty...
Apidura 1.5L frame Pack Hydration Bladder, Innovation Lab bikepacking frame pack water bag, inside cutaway

Apidura Innovation Lab packs a boxy 1.5L Hydration Bladder into your bikepacking bags

Apidura thinks their new Innovation Lab's boxy Hydration Bladder is now the most efficient way to haul more water in your bikepacking setup, better...
LORE LoreOne custom 3D-printed carbon road cycling shoe, teaser

LORE launches first-ever 3D printed, fully custom carbon skeleton LoreOne road shoes!

We got a sneak peek last winter of the 3D-printed carbon LoreOne road shoes, teasing a new level of fit & customization. Now LORE...
bikerumor pic of the day two mountain bikes lean against a stump in a gently sloping grassy field, there is a lake in the distance and there are whips clouds in the blue sky.

Bikerumor Pic Of The Day: Imala, Mexico

Photo submitted by Daniel Blanco, "Rene Gómez and JP Santiago enjoying the beautiful summer view of Sanalona Dam, at Imala, Sinaloa, Mexico." We always love...