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All natural protection from saddle sores and the elements: The Ritual’s Chamois Cream and Embrocation

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Like the start of many great products, Jon had that ‘aha!’ moment when things just started to click. Only his came to him during an extremely uncomfortable meeting with a doctor. Like many riders, he developed a saddle sore. Only this time, after all the usual treatments he still found himself needing surgical attention. Somehow in the midst of what had to be a very awkward scenario, Jon ended up having a conversation with the doctor who was apparently quite knowledgeable on the subject of just what should and shouldn’t be a part of your chamois cream. As it turns out, synthetic ingredients, parabens, and other ingredients used in many creams aren’t the best for your nether regions.

Thanks to a forced and extended period of time off the bike, Jon had some time to start researching what would make the best chamois cream. Eventually embrocation was added to the quest. After 27 formulas of embrocation and 48 different recipes of chamois cream, the results were all natural products that promise to become part of your pre-ride ritual…

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After speaking with Jon in Asheville of all places (we live in the same city but had never met) it’s clear he puts a lot of pride in the fact that The Ritual is all-natural and made in Ohio. If you want to know what ingredients are used, they’re all listed right on the site and include things like beeswax, essential oils, and shea butter – things you’ll find in many skin care products on the market. Rather than using petroleum based products, the Ritual chamois cream is a combination of nut butters, wax, and vegetable oils which allows it to be absorbed by the skin rather than clogging your pores.

The essential oils provide antibacterial, anti fungal, antiseptic, and antimicrobial  properties to ensure saddle sores don’t have a chance to form or get so bad that they need surgical intervention. The product carries all of the socially responsible tags including preservative free, cruelty free, petroleum free, not tested on animals, no animal ingredients, and perfume free.

Can you see the embro?

It would be easy to discount The Ritual’s claims as simply marketing, but the proof is in the pudding as they say. Jon had a chance to give a sample to Katie F’n Compton. Not sponsor, but just provide a sample. Her approval seemed to be all the validation Jon needed to know he’s on the right track. According to Jon, The Ritual’s No Heat Embro stepped onto the top step of the CX Nats podium on the legs of Compton.

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With the All Natural claims and small batch nature of the chamois cream, you might expect The Ritual to cost a fortune. But at $18 for all of the 4oz tubs, it ends up being right on par with most of the premium skin care products on the market.

Available in regular or cooling chamois cream and no heat, mild, medium, and hot embrocation, each is sold in a 4 oz tub. Currently, The Ritual does not offer any products to easily remove the embrocation, but Jon is actively working on something that falls into the all natural category to keep with the brand’s mantra. The Ritual’s product can be purchased direct, or through their growing network of dealers.


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8 years ago

I’m pretty sure beeswax comes from bees…not a plant and yes, an animal. I’m always looking for different animal friendly, and vegan chamois creams but this one is definitely not free of animal products.
I love Enzos and DZ Nuts is a close second but it would be nice to have a few more players, especially since Beljum Budder is no longer in production.

Von Kruiser
Von Kruiser
8 years ago

Like most of us, I’ve tried a lot of different creams. The best one and the only I use now is from the surfing industry: Headhunter Rash Guard Anti-Rash Gel. It’s super think and lasts the longest.

8 years ago

Looking for a product WITHOUT mineral oil!?!?

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