As the track world championships get underway today in Copenhagen, Denmark, Aussie Cam Meyer (Garmin-Transitions) will have a secret weapon up his sleeve, thanks to a little help from component manufacturer 3T.

3T worked with Meyer to develop the Sphinx track bar, an all new design that will allow Meyer to get into the “sphinx” position more easily, where the riders rests their forearms on top of the bars and wrap their wrists and hands around the curve of the drops. The position is popular in points track racing, because it’s a fairly aerodynamic, yet still allows riders to sprint in the drops.

The bars feature a flat top to make the forearms more comfortable while staying aerodynamic, but there is also a flattened section in the curve of the drops, unlike any other bars on the market. The Sphinx also has an upward curve before the drops start, which will allow track riders to mimic their road position with their hands on the brake hoods.

3T says they are sure the bars will be compliant with the UCI’s new 3:1 rule, although it seems that nothing is certain when it comes to the UCIs rules these days. 3T had been working on the new, complaint aerofoil for the tops of the bars last year when Meyer approached them with the idea for the new track-specific design.

The Sphinx will be available to the public later this year with an MSRP around $400. More pictures after the break…



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