Glimmering in the sun like the shiny new P.K. Ripper you lusted after back in the day,  the newest gotta-have-it unobtanium from Oakley takes form in the new Chrome BMX Array. Paying homage to those Quadrangle, Looptail, and twin top tube BMX frames from the late 70’s and early 80’s that were seemingly dripping with chrome, the new models are sure to catch anyone’s attention. Oakley states the BMX Array was “inspired by the decades Oakley has been part of two-wheeled sports, the BMX Chrome frame salutes the chromed bikes of kids who have become today’s champions.”

The limited edition Array will consist of both a Jawbone and a Radar frame, each with 3 pairs of matching lenses and earsocks to emulate the color matched anodized parts that were all the rage then, and starting to come back now.  In addition, Oakley chose matte black for the frame jaw to throw in a nod to BMX tires. The new Oakley BMX Array will also include a custom Microclear polishing/storage bag and an Oakley Ballistic case to store them in. Both the Arrays will be available at premium bike dealers.

See the new Chrome BMX Radars after the break!


At this point you might be asking yourself what is an array, is it the name of the glasses or what? Array is the term Oakley uses to describe an entire kit for a pair of sunglasses. The Array usually includes one frame, 3 lenses, multiple earsocks or nose pieces, bag, and case. So in this case there are two styles of sunglasses each with a limited edition Chrome BMX Array.

The lenses offered in the array aren’t just any standard lenses. They are special lens tints offered in limited pieces in Oakley’s sun glass offering, and were selected specifically for inclusion in this array. For example, when you’re deep in nature and the sun is bright, you need increased visual contrast to bring out fine detail. Pop in the Violet IRIDIUM® lenses and complete the look by slipping on the matching purple earsocks. For neutral contrast that helps you maintain color recognition, install the Jade IRIDIUM lenses and Green earsocks, and you’ll be ready for a wide range of light conditions. The +Red IRIDIUM lenses go with the Red earsocks, and that premium lens color offers neutral contrast under bright skies.

Look for these eye catching shades at a bike shop near you this May, and look to spend $350.00 to get a pair of these limited and very cool glasses. Both frames will come prescription ready. Head on over to Cyclingnews.com to see James Huang’s shots of these glasses under natural light to see just how shiny this chrome really is!


  1. i like the new radars. sick sunglasses but i think i am still partial to the m frames. we will see. ill have to get a pair and check em out.

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