Today, our friend Andreas at London Cyclist released a new iPhone app, Bike Doctor 1.0. Developed to help you diagnose what ails your bike, you simply click on the location of the problem on your bike (brakes making funny noises, broken spoke, punctured inner tube, etc.) and it guides you through the process of fixing it.

You can check out  the Bike Doctor website for more information. It’s available for a special introductory price of $1.99, 60% off the regular price, for two more days. Check out a few screen shots of the various bike diagnostics and the list of repair categories after the break. Android owners, not to fear, a version for you will be out soon…






  1. Very cool! Looking forward to downloading it.
    One suggestion I wonder if you could pass along:
    Have a way to enter your bike and store important measurements about it.
    ie: seatpost size, bb size, headtube length, other information about the bits and pieces, etc.
    With a handful of bikes to keep track of, it’d be nice to carry that info around handily.



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