Fresh on the heels of their successful lightweight road calipers, TRP were showing a desirable line of mountain discs as well as a slick aero brake concept at Interbike last week.  First, the TTV:  mounted on a mock-up road frame, the TTV is a linear brake that is tailored to work with road brakes’ cable pull.  While slightly heavier than the company’s calipers, the TTV is designed to be tucked behind time trial bikes’ forks and stays, minimizing frontal area and increasing the fork’s effective cross sectional aspect without running afoul of UCI regulations.  Because they’ll require dedicated frame bosses, TTV are only available as OEM for the time being.  More pictures and some 320g disc brakes after the jump…

Though they haven’t had much in the way of mountain offerings in the past, TRP is moving in with their new Dash line of disc brakes.  Though the $300 Dash Carbon, with its tool-free leverage and reach adjustments, carbon lever, and 320g weight will attract the most attention, the Dash sacrifices only the carbon lever, leverage adjustment, white color option, and 15g while saving $70- given parent company Tektro’s extensive experience building disc brakes, these may well be worth a shot.  US distribution of the disc brakes is spotty at the moment, but shops can order directly from TRP or consumers from their website.

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