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On March 22, two London cyclists were killed in incidents involving heavy goods vehicles, less than a mile away from each other in Southwark, south-east London. While all the facts about these tragedies are not yet known, it is a terrible reminder of the timeliness of Transport for London’s current ad campaign, which highlights the dangers of lorries’ blind spots in an innovative and easy-to-understand way.

White lorry-shaped flyers have been popping up on bike handlebars across town. “Lorry blind spots are bigger than you think,” they warn. “Use this lorry and your webcam to see the blind spots come to life in 3D at”

An explanation and pictures of what happens follow after the break.

Visit the web address, turn on your webcam and the lorry appears on-screen, with cyclists around it to demonstrate where the driver will not be able to see you in his mirrors. Rotate the lorry in the camera to get a full view, safety-awareness slogans scroll along the side and the wheels even turn, too!

This seems to be a fun, innovative use of technology that will really make a difference to cyclists’ understanding of the dangers posed by lorries in town – at a time when spring is tempting more and more on to the roads.

For those of you not in London, you can print a lorry out on the site and try for yourself.

Peeped at WeMadeThis.


  1. doesnt change a damn thing when the rig comes up on you and decides a couple inches is enough to pass you… and forces you off the road (unless you want to go under their tires).

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