In what could be considered both a surprise and not so surprising move depending on who you talk to, RaceFace has reopened their doors as of today, May 9th 2011. While many suspected a buyer would surely pop up for the revered brand after its abrupt closure, many are surprised and relieved to hear that Chris Tutton is now at the helm. After many years with RaceFace, working his way up to the VP of sales from his original position as a customer service rep, Chris has worked for the past three years with Easton Bell Sports.

There are plenty of details in the entire press release after the break, but what do you need to know? Well obviously, RaceFace is back in business, and many parts will start shipping immediately, with others extremely close behind. Anyone who owns a current RaceFace part can breath a big sigh of relief, as the new RaceFace will still honor any previous valid warranty. In addition, new parts are already dropping like the new Atlas FR Stealth line like the handlebar above, and even rumors of an 83mm carbon crankset!

It’s good to see RaceFace back in action!

Want to know more? Check out the full press release after the break!

Race Face Is Back – The Canadian Heritage Continues

Race Face Performance Products, one of North Americas leading producers of high performance mountain bike components, protection and apparel, is pleased to announce that it has re-opened its doors as of May 9th, 2011.

After over 18 years of business, Race Face entered into receivership on March 12, 2011, leaving a massive gap in the boutique mountain bike market. Riders, dealers and distributors alike were stunned as groundbreaking components such as Atlas Freeride, SIXC, NEXT SL, and Turbine suddenly became rare collectables.

In a tightly contested bidding war for the Canadian manufacturer, North Shore local and former Race Face VP of Sales Chris Tutton has emerged at the helm. Tutton joined Race Face in 1994 as a customer service rep, was promoted to Director of Sales in 1998, and then to VP of Sales in 2002. After 14 years with the brand, Chris was instrumental in helping push sales to over $15 million per year. He resigned in 2008, taking over as Director of OEM Sales for Easton Bell Sports.

I have always believed in the Race Face brand and in the quality of the products we make, said Tutton. We will build upon a very solid foundation and continue to meet the needs of our current customers, while expanding our market and focusing our product line.

Chris Tutton will remain as a contractor to Easton Bell Sports, hiring an additional OEM sales person to report to him while he rebuilds Race Face as its new Managing Director.The opportunity to continue to work with a company like Easton Bell Sports has been incredible. I am very fortunate, not only to have their continued support, but also to have found a venture that aligns so well with their business philosophy for excellence and innovation.

Easton Bell Sports has had a great partnership with Chris over the last three years and we are pleased to continue that relationship. We believe in the synergy that can be created with the two companies. Bernie Doering, SVP-Global Sales, Action Sports, Easton-Bell Sports.

Derek Wills, Race Faces former Global Operations manager and most recently North American Sales and Business development Manager, has also returned as a junior partner. Wills graduated from Simon Fraser University for Business Management, working in the industrial distribution business for 3 years before joining Race Face in 2001.

Race Face Performance Products will remain based in Vancouver, close to the North Shore, the companys original and ultimate testing ground for lightweight yet durable MTB products. Key employees will be rehired under the new business structure and production is expected to restart within a few weeks. Warrantees will be honored on all Race Face products.

The component product line for 2012 is complete, including the new Atlas FR Stealth line. Turbine 9 and 10 speed rings will ship almost immediately, as are Race Faces carbon SIXC and NEXT cranks and bars. The company will continue to develop and refine their proprietary Optimized Carbon Technology in-house.

Rocky Mountains Brett Tippie, a figurehead rider for Race Face since 1997, could barely contain the stoke: Talk about a fairytale ending and wicked new beginning for these guys! How cool is it to be able to keep it in the homeland? And theyre bringing back the crew that made Race Face legit. As Ive said before, Race Face is the cats ass! Stay tuned for more news – Ive already heard a rumour of 83mm carbon cranks!

This is fantastic news, said Darren Mabbott, Managing Director of Silverfish, Race Faces UK distributor. I was always confident that a buyer would be found for Race Face, but to hear that Chris Tutton has bought Race Face is a huge boost to the brand.I have known Chris and worked with him for over 12 years. He is passionate about Race Face, focuses on quality and innovation, and brings a high level of professionalism to the table. Race Face will thrive under Chris control, and the future once again looks bright.

About Race Face Performance Products


Based in Vancouver, B.C., Race Face Performance Products is a Canadian manufacturer of highly engineered and innovative components, protection and apparel. Race Face products are distributed in more than 50 countries globally. The company supports a number of professional teams and riders. For more information, or email Follow us on Facebook.


  1. bikeman on

    Where do these people get their job titles ? how come anyone who works in North America is a senior vice president of something ? what on earth does containing the stoke mean. Why is the truth behind the failure being kept so quiet ? they were blatantly mis reporting financial figures to the banks, so how this great company be so great when it was turning a loss for so long ?

  2. eric on

    It’s a market label, not a manufacturing company. All the design and manufacturing is done by Asians for the Asian factories. RaceFace buys ads to hype a bunch of me-too products. Interesting the new “owner” kept his day job. Perhaps Easton will buy the name?

  3. Roman on

    I agree with bikeman. I laughed when we decided on our titles, because anyone who has worked in small medium and large businesses, as a salary employee, knows that you do everything you can in what ever area you can to keep your job going. I do sales, distribution, tech and help turn a wrench when needed. I think its a ploy to keep people happy instead of giving them more money, titles are easy to give. Eric i also agree with you , and want to know where Bell factory is. If you know who actually manufatures their products please let me know so i can contact them direct. Same product for lower price always welcome.


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