This will probably read like one of those commercials where they tell you how much you’re missing out on if you don’t have an iPhone, but there really are some cool new bike related apps for the iPhone. BioLogic’s BikeBrain app has been out for awhile now, and effectively turns your iPhone into an easy to use bicycle computer. Use the app along with BioLogic’s own iPhone 4 bike mount, and all of a sudden you have a large full color cycling computer with touch screen capability.

While the original BikeBrain is still available for free download, now BioLogic offers the BikeBrain Plus which is an upgrade package for the original BikeBrain and only costs $1.99. In addition to all the useful features of the original, the upgrade features completely customizable training programs, GPS mapping, a calorie tracker and the ability to publish rides to Google Maps or export them via email to popular ride tracking programs. In addition, the Plus version allows you to store the information from infinite rides, while the free version only allows for keeping 10.

Gates, as in Gates Carbon Drive, also released a new app recently which helps to find the perfect tension for your bike’s belt drive. How? Check it out after the break.


Like any object in tension, if plucked like a guitar string, the belt drive will produce a certain tone or note. This is able to be measured with the Gates App through the iPhone’s microphone essentially acting as a tuner. Need a higher frequency- tighten the belt, lower frequency – loosen the belt. Due to belt drives’ need for high tension which is fairly critical to their performance this should be a handy tool for both consumers and shop guys a like to guarantee that belt isn’t singing the blues.


The free app from Gates also includes a tool for determining the right belt length based on your bike set up along with a built in gear inch calculator which should take the difficulty out of changing cogs.

Yeah, apparently there is an app for that.


  1. I haven’t tried it yet, but I just learned about an app called Maps+ that improves upon Apple’s Goggle Maps app by adding, among other things, access to bicycle routes. If it works, it should be great.

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