At Dealer Camp in Park City, UT, we were excited to see this Stingray outside of the Schwinn tent. Turns out they’re running a limited edition of 225 each of 4 colors: Apple Crate, Orange Crate, Grey Ghost, and Lemon Peeler. You can own a little piece of your childhood for $399 at Schwinn stores – available now.

schwinn stingray banana seat bicycle 2001 limited edition

Reminds me *sigh* of the good ‘ole days!

schwinn stingray banana seat bike limited edition grey ghost 2011


  1. It’s like the Jordan coming back for the 3rd time. When was their first return? 98? 99?
    I have a reproduction Orange in a box…so, nothing special.

  2. i have the black friday one that came out in 07 all the same bike as my 68 a few differances in badges but the biggest let down is the back slick doesnt scream like the old ones do damn it and if they r gonna bring these out they need to bring the bullet nose lights and 5 speed upgrades

  3. I just had the winning bid for a Limited Edition Grey Ghost. Unassembled and deeply soiled from years of storage, in its deteriorating original box. Many hours of detail cleaning and careful final assembly have produced a Fine Edition to my Collection – and the Price was Right

  4. What were the Schwinn’s that you peddled backwards maybe to change gears? I think it had red rings around the rear hub for however many gears you had.

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