Trek World US has now come and gone, and while the beer, food, and political unrest of Madison are in the rear view mirror, this was the first opportunity for US dealers to get the big picture of what Trek has in store for 2012. While up in Madison, one of the goals for the trip was to get actual weights on as many bikes as possible. The issue with weighing bikes at any pre-season launch, is that usually there is a high probability of the bikes not being final production spec. Sometimes this will yield lighter production bikes, and sometimes the opposite, but you can usually get a pretty good idea of what to expect. Just keep this in mind when comparing the weights.

When it came to finding the bikes to put on the scale, it was decided that the bikes that were closest to actual production spec, were the bikes that occupied the main show floor. Much to my surprise, Trek literally offered to cut down display bikes from the floor and allowed them to be weighed while in the middle of the dealer show! Unsurprisingly, this created quite the commotion and by the end of the session a decent sized crowd had gathered around the lone Park scale.

Despite the amount of work to liberate each bike from its display, weight it, and reattach it to its perch, we were able to get a decent selection of Trek’s 2012 line up on the scale. Check out the 29’rs, 26’s, road bikes, and even a cross bike on the scale after the break!

*All bikes weighed are medium (17″) frames without pedals. As stated above, these are all pre-production samples and may not reflect the actual production weights.

Long Travel Bikes:

Session 9.9

Getting the new Session 9.9 on the scale was a pretty big deal. With Trek’s MTB Brand Manager unsure of whether or not the production model would include a Ti spring and a carbon back plate for the chainguide, tension was high as we put Trek’s lightest DH bike on the scale. The result? An astonishing 34 lbs 11 oz! This was with a Sram XO DH group, DT Swiss FR600 wheels, Bontrager G4 Tires, and the Hybrid Air Fox 40.

MSRP $8929.99

Slash 9

With the Slash being a bike with supposed DH capability with trail bike pedal efficiency, you would expect it to be light. At 30 lbs 15 oz with a Rock Shox Reverb Stealth dropper post, 2x MRP chain guide, and a Fox 36 fork I’d say that counts. Expect a full ride review in the near future.

MSRP $5779.99


Superfly Pro

Trek’s top level 29’r hard tail tips the scale at a scant 21 lbs 5 oz. To get there it features a complete Sram XX drivetrain, Rock Shox Sid and a few carbon parts but still uses Bontrager’s aluminum RXL FCC wheels!

MSRP $6829.99

Trek Cobia

Curious what a little more than $1000 for a 29’r gets you? In terms of Trek’s Cobia 29’r aluminum hard tail, you get a bike with a 10 speed drivetrain, Rock Shox Recon RL fork, and Hayes Dyno hydraulic disc brakes, all of which comes in at a fairly reasonable 30 lbs on the dot.

MSRP $1159.99

Trek Superfly 100 Pro

Almost identical in build to the Superfly Pro, the full suspension, carbon Superfly 100 Pro adds less than 2 pounds to the hardtail, coming in at 23 lbs 3 oz. To make the rear suspension work, the Superfly 100 Pro receives a Fox RP23 Adaptive Logic shock with Kashima Coat.

MSRP $7349.99

Trek Rumblefish Pro

The revised Rumblefish Pro got quite a bit of attention as it was put up on the scale, with quite a few show goers surprised to see 28 lbs 10 oz appear on the read out. For 2012 the Rumblefish is now 120mm travel front and rear, and it achieves a pretty low weight without a crazy build spec. With an XT/XTR mixed build, Bontrager Rhythm Pro wheels, and nothing carbon to speak of on the bike, the Rumblefish Pro looks like it will be a much better received bike for 2012.

MSRP $4519.99

26 Inch

Elite 9.9 SSL

Even though 29’rs have all but taken over the hard tail market, there are still racers that are looking for 26’s whether on a regular basis, or for certain courses. Which is why Trek still offers the ridiculously light, 19 lbs 13 oz Elite 9.9 SSL. There are quite a few component differences between the Superfly 100, but at about 1.5 lbs lighter than the 29’r, it still turns heads. The 9.9 receives a full 2×10 XTR drivetrain, Bontrager XXX lite carbon wheels, and a Fox 32 Fit RL Kashima QR15 fork with Remote lockout.

MSRP $7349.99

Trek Top Fuel 9.9 SSL

Trek’s top level 26 inch full suspension race bike weighs a mere 21 lbs 13 oz. It will feature a 2×10 Shimano XTR drivetrain and brakes, Bontrager XXX lite wheels, and dual Fox Kashima coated, remote lockout shocks with a QR15 front!

MSRP $8399.99

Trek Fuel EX 9.9

Somehow, the Fuel EX continues to get lighter with the 2012 EX 9.9 weighing only 23 lbs 12 oz. This is accomplished with a full Sram XX 2×10 drivetrain, DT Swiss XM 1550 Tricon wheels, and Fox DRCV technology front and rear.

MSRP $8929.99

Trek Fuel EX 9

For comparison, Trek’s highest end aluminum EX bike, the 9, weighs 27 lbs on the dot. Clearly, not all of that is due to the frame as there are some substantial changes in spec, but for the amount of technology you get for the money in this bike it is a steal. The list reads as: Fox DRCV RP3 shock, Fox Fit DRCV RLC Kashima QR15 E2 fork, full Shimano XT 3×10 drive train, Bontrager Rhythm Elite wheels and the awesome new XR4 tires.

MSRP $3939.99

Trek Fuel EX 8

As Trek’s most popular full suspension mountain bike last year, I felt it important to get the EX 8 up on the scale as well. At 29 lbs 03 oz it has lost a little weight from last year, but has picked up new features in the process. Not only does the 2012 EX 8 get a QR15 front axle that it lacked for 2011, it also picks up on the new DRCV technology on the fork as well. Other highlights include an XT/SLX 3×10 drivetrain, and SLX disc brakes.

MSRP $2629.99

Trek Remedy 9.9

Trek’s Remedy 9.9 has also lost some weight, and currently sits at an extremely light 25 lbs 15 oz. Keep in mind that this includes a Rock Shox Reverb Stealth dropper post, and beefy XR4 2.35 tires (a true 2.35). Specs include a Sram XX 2×10 drivetrain, DT Swiss Tricon XM 1550 wheels, and dual Fox DRCV shocks.

MSRP $8929.99

Trek Remedy 9.8

Sure, the top of the line Remedy should be light, but how about a 27 lb 15 oz Remedy 9.8 for over $3,000 less than the Remedy 9.9? A full Shimano 3×10 XT drivetrain along with full DRCV suspension, and a Rock Shox Reverb Stealth dropper post round out the package.

MSRP $5199.99

Road and Cross Bikes

Trek Madone SSL Campy

Not to ignore the road bikes, we were able to steal three 56cm Madone SSL builds to throw on the scale. All three bikes had a water bottle cage, and there were some different parts on the 3 bikes, but you get the idea.

Madone SSL with Campagnolo Super Record? The lightest of the bunch at 13 lbs 06 oz.

Trek Madone SSL Dura Ace

The Shimano Dura Ace build gained a little weight, and tipped the scales at 14 lbs 02 oz.

Trek Madone SSL Sram Red

And the Sram Red bike met in the middle at 13 lbs 14 oz.


Trek Cronus CX Ultimate

Last but not least, Michael Browne wanted to throw this on there for good measure, as cross season is approaching. The Cronus CX Ultimate comes in right at 16 lbs 13 oz. The bonus here is that this is with a Shimano Ultegra tubeless wheelset so you can air down to your hearts content. A cross specific Sram Force build kit with Avid Shorty Ultimate brakes finish it off. Sorry, no disc brakes here.

MSRP $3849.99

For more information on these or any Trek bikes, be sure to check out



  1. That picture of the person in the background is bothering me. Guy or girl? I’m thinking a girl, but it wouldn’t surprise me if my guess is wrong. Anyone able to confirm?

  2. What happened to the Gary Fisher Collection, was that fazed out? It appears that the models have been completely branded as Trek now. Not that it affects performance, but I thought this years Superfly 100 Pro has the best paint scheme for the large companies.

  3. Did you get to weight the new Superfly 100 Pro alloy model? Kind of interested in the price point model of that platform and what comes out to.

    The rider in the background is Sam Schultz from the Subaru-Trek Mountain Bike Team.

  4. I was gonna google Sam Schultz to make sure that wasn’t a girl named Sam, until I saw brick’s answer. 😀

    Is it me, or do the black and grey paint jobs on their “popular” models, like the Fuel EX and Remedy, look too bland? The Session 9.9 (Gwin’s particularly) looks great and I’ve love to see the Slash in person.

  5. Hayzeus!!!! 9k, 8k, 7k? You can buy a motorcycle with a bunch more parts and technology for the same dough. I would assume that the dealer will eventually sell these 40% off and have to wipe the dust off at the time of delivery.

  6. @david, my 2011 Remedy 9.9 17.5 was just over 5.5 pounds. Now the 9.9 has a carbon chainstay, so I’m guessing closer to 5-5.25 for the frame.

  7. Any idea about the weight of the 9.7 Elite XC HT, or which bikes weight it would most probably be comparable to? Want to buy it, but even the shop hasn’t much info on it…. Cheers

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