Oakley Jawbone TransitionsTransitions Optical, official eye wear sponsor of Team Garmin-Cervelo, have paired up with Oakley to improve the already well loved Jawbone glasses.  Transitions lenses allow the wearer to ride in a variety of conditions without having to stop and change lenses out, as they automatically adjust from darker to lighter conditions.

David Millar’s thoughts: “It’s huge to have clear vision for your confidence when descending or negotiating a dicey pack of riders. Transitions lenses react to the conditions; they’ll change with the weather – you only need one set of lenses, that’s so cool.”

The Jawbone Transitions SOLFX runs $260 direct from Oakley.




  1. While ugly as sin, these glasses to do seem to have a ton of fans. I however, wont ever spend $200+ dollars on something I’ll eventually lose or break. Probably lose.

  2. Adults take care of their gear and don’t lose things. I’ve been using these for some time and they are hands down the best optics ever.

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