In the costly, never ending battle for increased performance and decreased weight, Scrubs ultra light 6 bolt discs reign supreme (47g less than the Absolute Black centerlock rotors). Their lightest 160mm offering, with a magnesium inner carrier and ceramic braking surface, weighed a paltry 48.32 grams. Expect production rotors to arrive closer to 53 grams and alleviate your wallet of $250 per disc.

Scale pics and more after the break

48.32 grams!

The feather light rotors, made in the USA, are modular. The inner ring is available in magnesium or aluminum and the rotors are available in either ceramic or (new for 2012) stainless steel. Rotors are available in 140, 160, and 180 sizes. The inner rings are sold in black and white, while the inner clips are available in 8 different anodized colors.

The modularity (and price) of these rotors might be particularly appealing to racers. Imagine the ability to ride a cheaper or larger braking rotor  for training rides and swap out to something smaller/lighter come race day. Just beware to only use organic pads on those fancy ceramic rotors!

Scrubs actually recommends using their organic pads. Their pads are formulated to reduce noise and are strategically slotted to dampen noise and vibrations. Pads are $28 a set, and available for all the major manufacturers. They can also be purchased via a subscription service. Two pairs of pads can be automatically shipped every three months for $45.


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