These feathery light  looking direct mount stems have been making the rounds on several weight weenie DH threads in the past few days. Posters claimed they were new ENVE direct mount stems, but no other details were available.

Our editor Tyler made a few calls (hopefully in his best impersonation of the God Father) and got the scoop straight from the source.

Details after the break!

The stems will be sold in 50 and 60 mm lengths, both will have a 0° rise, and claimed weight is 105g for the 60mm stem. They are constructed of CNC’d alloy.

According to Enve:

“They’ve been in development for a bit, passed their internal testing, and have been set out for 3rd party testing. Once they get results back, you’ll see them on Syndicate team bikes for race testing.”

The Santa Cruz Syndicate race team recently ended their partnership with long time drive train, suspension, and component manufacturer SRAM. For the past few seasons of World Cup DH racing, the team bikes have sported Truvativ stems and been rolling on ENVE’s carbon 26″ wheels. “With the DH carbon rims, they were tested under team riders for about two years,” said Ronnie Points, ENVE’s new national sales manager. “Since these are alloy, the production is way less involved, so things could happen quicker.”

ENVE currently has two CNC machines in house and a third one is on its way. “Assuming the demand is there, which based on initial interest there certainly is, there’s a pretty good chance these will become available” to consumers in the near future.


  1. Is there a standard for double crown fork stem mounting? I have a Maverick Duk32 and would insta-buy one of these if it was compatible.

  2. Vector, yes there is a standard or two. Fox and Rock Shox are using the “boxxer” direct mount standard. I believe Marz is still using their own direct mount standard. Unfortunately I don’t think you’ll find a modern DM stem that fits the Maverick fork.

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