Rolf Prima Megalodon Fatbike Carbon Aero Wheels

Press Release:

EUGENE, Oregon, April 1, 2012

Rolf Prima releases first aero, Carbon Fat bike wheel – the Megalodon

Eugene, OR – If you’ve missed the craze lately about Fat bikes, then it’s time to crawl out from under your rock.  While the term fat bike has been around since the sport of mountain biking was developed in the 70’s, the more recent reference to the all-terrain fat bike refers to a unique animal all on its own.

Taking it to the next level, Rolf Prima is releasing the first ever aero, carbon Fat bike wheel. “The inspiration for the new wheelset came about on a recent ride.”  said Sr. engineer, Joel Wilson at Rolf Prima. “We were killin’ it on some sweet Oregon single track and came up on rider on a fat bike.  Having to considerably slow our pace, we had time to think to ourselves, how in the world can we make these #$*#$(&@& things faster!?!”  How the model made its way to production from there is a little hazy; let’s just say it was a dare that Rolf Prima couldn’t resist.

The new wheel set features a width of 3.75” and low spoke count of 24 in the front and 24 in the rear to lower the rotational weight and decrease wind resistance. The unique 55mm deep section rim has been designed and proven in the wind tunnel to optimize its aerodynamic properties at typical fat bike speeds, around 6 mph.

The new Megalodon, meaning “big tooth” is still in the final testing phases, but will be available for order in late May.

Editors Note:  Come on, you know you want them to be real.  And before you get to caught up in the comments, check the calendar.


  1. Come on if you had said these were from Zipp I would have believed it. I’m sure they could have spun some aero BS about how the larger tire makes it more aero of the rest of the bike vs. 23c-25c tire. And yes I know it Apreil 1st

  2. April fools or not, you know there’s a strong market for stuff like this. Make those in a trispoke design and some dopes would buy fatbikes just to roll them.

  3. No aerobars?
    No overengineered time-trial type carbon frame – optimized for 6 mph snow?
    External cable routing?
    This thing really needs fenders custom shaped to minimize non-laminar around those huge tires.
    Don’t forget the aero water bottles and electronic shifting (I wonder how Di2 works at -40 for 2 weeks straight).
    They really dropped the ball on this one.

  4. If these were made by someone other than Rolf, didn’t have paired spokes, and actually existed, I’d probably have a pair just because.

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