Absolute Black, makers of the lighest functional centerlock rotors on the market, released this image of a  prototype ultralight flat pedal. Unfortunately, the company will focus on several new plans for decreasing the weight and maximizing the functionality of their existent rotor line up before turning their attention to this project. Weight goal is 240 grams.

From the sketch it’s hard to determine, but I’ll wager its running either a set of igus bushings on both sides, or a ball bearing outboard and igus inboard. The axle appears to have a larger inboard diameter that might not accommodate an inboard ball bearing.

The pedals has 20 pins, with the outside set being longer than those closer the axle, which will make the pedal feel slightly concave. Overall, its a very unique pedal in appearance, with thoughtful details throughout. I can’t wait to see the first physical prototypes in the future!

Prototype Absolute Black Mtb Chainring

Bonus: a sketch of the prototype Absolute Black chainring. I’m not one to get super excited over chain rings, but the unusual cut outs and ramping on this model certainly look good.



  1. eek. The first thing I noticed is the convex design. My gut feeling is that those longer pins won’t make up for it and would be prone to breaking off. I’m not in the market for platforms right now but I’ll be interested to see how these fare.

  2. Absolute Black- isnt that a Harry Potter movie or somthing? Oh, no, now I remember- I got drunk on Absolute black last night

  3. Yeah, hella convex… After being on the Syncros Meathooks for 4 years, which are actually concave, i think i won’t be making the mistake of going with convex or ridged/bumped (axle bump, making the body stronger) platform pedals…

    Now, about those shift ramps on the ring… They are REALLY needed on a single ring setup, yeah 🙂
    Shift ramps are riveted in.

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