When I took a first look at the first generation Optrix HD last month, I was stoked on the low cost alternative to the GoPro. Today, the product looks completely different from the product I reviewed. During the intervening models they’ve managed to address many small flaws and vastly improve an awesome niche product.

If you’re currently in the market for a point of view action camera, you should definitely give the Optrix HD a look.

The former Optrix HD case did not offer a fish eye or other lens alternatives. The case utilized the iPhones narrower field of focus (which would be roughly 30 mm on a 35 mm body).  The new model allows users to quickly swap out lenses by screwing them directly into the case.  Unfortunately, this does compromise the water proof characteristics, but the company is hard at work on a proper solution.

The company also addressed user concerns about weight and the unnecessary complexity of the QR. The quick release is still made of top of the line materials but there is only one washer, which is fixed, and a plastic thumby. The entire unit feels noticeably lighter as a result.

The new optrix now utilizes an anti-glare coating on the screen. In order to preserve battery life, many users dimmed the phones screen, which lead the screen to be virtually illegible in direct light. This new coating will make the video angle much easier to fine tune on those god forsakenly sunny days.

The company is also hard at work on their line of additional accessories. Pictured above is a prototype chesty mount which should be available in late summer. A handlebar mount will be released at the same time.

The company also revamped their sleds. This sleek black offering replaces the quirky ribbed red sled of old. The new sled and slippery anti-glare coating will prevent screen protectors from the marring they sustained from being pushed in and out of the first generation case.



  1. Real talk Dave! i went to the MIveu facebook and the Miveu website…. http://miveu.com/ and these guys seem to be hitting all the right notes with the wideangle lens case. They have a bunch of really sweet edits and a couple of pro riders on there. Seems like the Miveu could be the next big thing…

  2. Cool story bro, but try buying a MiVeu. They still haven’t shipped out a single case.

    Hope they get their stuff together soon. Its nice to have alternatives.

  3. Optrix is better because its water resistance and has a enclose case to protect your expensive Iphone. Miveu leaves your iphone exposed and unprotected.

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