The competition in the carbon 6″ trail bike market is heating up. Just earlier this month the Transition Covert was officially announced, and now Evil Bikes is also prototyping a new 6″ bike. The all mountain frame will weigh a claimed 5.7 lbs w/out shock and have two adjustable travel settings. The standard ISCG 05 tabs, tapered headset, and a 142×12 round out the rest of the build.

Skip past the break for the nitty gritty. 

Straight from the Evil Bikes Facebook Page:

These are raw unpainted protos that just passed mechanical testing and are ready for ride evaluation. No delivery dates or pricing yet… Thought I would give everyone a glimpse of what is coming…

Geometry with 150mm fork ( 520mm AC ):

-HA 67.62
-BB 13.48/342.5mm
-WB 44.0/1120.0 mm
-CS 430mm/16.9″
-SA 72.8


-BB 13.00/330.0mm
-WB 44.25/1124.09mm
-CS 433.97mm/17.08″
-SA 71.76

-Shock: 7.875 x 2.25
-Integrated headset
-142 x 12mm rear axle

5.7lbs – ish w/o shock




  1. Everything looks dreamy, except for the weight…I’m guessing this is really aimed at the more aggressive side of things…more bike park friendly, etc.

    Looks awesome though.

  2. @Steve M… Aerospace technology trickling down. Including 3D modeling and analyses. The time to market is just quicker which is what presents the challenge.

    @jimmythefly…. Most brakes come today post mount as the standard interface and use an IS adapter. Molding post mounts into the frame removes one more item bolted to the frame (along with 2 additional bolts) and could, potentially, reduce weight.

  3. Will it ever come though? I’m still waiting for the alloy one they announced 3 or 4 years ago to go with my Sovereign. It never came and I’ve bought 2 full sus bikes while I was hanging on.

  4. WisEn up companies ! Straight 1.5 headlines is where it’s at . Opens up possibilities for angle sets full1.5 streerers etc…

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