Everyone’s favorite nasty little mammal is still kicking, this time as a pannier/backpack combo. Slingfin’s Honey Badger Backpack is designed to be a hardcore multi-use pack. They claim it’ll take all the abuse you can give it – you know, cobra bites and bee stings – and be modified and repaired with conventional supplies from any hardware store if necessary.

The pack consists of a hard/durable outer shell with a 23 liter dry bag inside. It has straps for use as a backpack and can quickly convert to a pannier bag system. MSRP will be $225, $235 if you want the one that converts into a pannier.

Now on Kickstarter, Slingfin’s goal of $125,000 $175,000 is steep, but this company – made up of former Mountain Hardware designers and employees – has high aspirations: Kickstarter keeps them away from large investors who spoil the focus of the company – which they say is on the end-user, not on some big-box retailer’s marketing demands.

Pledge $175 now and you can get the $225 pack as a thank you. Click the link above for more info. More pics and their Kickstarter video after the break.

Thanks to Juan for the tip.

Product testing:


  1. Slingfin folks started Mountain Hardwear, made their financial exit and moved on after the acquisition by Columbia sportswear. So just know that if you decide to fund them. And it looks like they’re seeking $175,000, not $125,000.

  2. Not sure what you’re getting at David…they make their Mountain Hardwear past clear (part of why they will be successful, really) in the Kickstarter pitch. If you wanna dis, go ahead and dis, we are in the comments section on a blog.

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