The stylish TriScale by Joseph Joseph folds out to provide a stable platform and the arms swivel back to protect the LCD and reduce its footprint when stored in a toolbox. The scale includes an Add & Weigh function which allows multiple items to be measured quickly.

The lack of a platform to set parts is a small drawback but thats what the tare function is for. Any other impracticalities are easily outweighed by the TriScale’s awesome green color.

Scale will retail for $30 and be available this fall. More at JosephJoseph


  1. Sam on

    This is ironic. The people who are likely to carry this around to use on the fly are probably the folks trying to save 0.2 grams by using tittanium bolts. But then carrying this tool (with weight) around probably negates the benefits of using lighter titanium bolts.

  2. Reynard2ki on

    Weight weenie? That must be a euphamism for drug dealer because I’m sure they sell far more pocket-size scales to street pharmacists than cycling enthusiasts.


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