Words can not describe this weirdness. Progress is great but this looks awfully uncomfortable…and it needs pegs. Good news? You can probably run 650B wheels!

Closeups of the weirdness after the break!

A 5 point harness keeps riders strapped in. The curved frame acts as suspension

At least Flitz didn’t come up with any new mandatory standards. Majority of the components are all off the shelf.

Those crazy Germans. More at Fliz Bikes.


  1. the velocipede returns! and the bike industry comes full circle.
    I can’t wait to twirl my handlebar moustache, don my jodhpurs and have a go. Good day

  2. It’s always inspiring to see people extrapolate their ideas into something tangible. I’m sure this will attract quite a few cynical comments but I am interested to see how the idea continues to evolve.

    The one thing that continued to invade my thoughts throughout the video is that this is going to result in a massive face plant if the frame or harness ever lets go.

  3. @ Iowa-biker, The one thing that continued to invade my thoughts throughout the video is that this is going to result in a massive Hemorrhoids if the frame or harness DOESN’T let go.

  4. Great design solution. Did similar types of things throughout design school. The thinking process is the important part. Moving something from an idea to a finished working product. I now design buildings and the process is so similar, but I now spend hundreds of thousands of dollars (my client’s) and getting the idea to a functioning product that will last a life time is mandatory . I can see a dozen off shoots for this concept. I’m sure recumbent bicycles went through a similar process.

  5. look at all of the flex at the 40 sec. mark. That thing looks like it’ll fold in half if you have to use a lot of front brake quickly.

  6. I would have loved to have this during my nine month spinal cord injury rehab, it looks easier than my solution of duct taping my foot to the pedal and ending my ride with a controlled crash into my front porch.

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