White Industries T11 Hub

White Industries has updated their long standing hub shell design for 2013 on the new T11 11-speed hub.  The same reliable internals they are known for are found inside, but the freehub is now 11 speed compatible for either Shimano or Campy.  The freehub body is a tad longer, but has been machined a bit more to keep it at the same weight as its predecessor.  And, with a spacer, the T11 is still 8/9/10 speed capable.  The T11 comes in silver, or this very nice looking black, and the graphics are CNC cut out after the black anodizing is done.  This image doesn’t do this hub justice, and the graphics are way more detailed that I could get without switching to a macro lens.  I wasn’t quoted retail pricing, but was informed that it should be close to (slightly higher) than the current hubs.  Oh, and the front hub gets a new shell design to be consistent with the T11 rear, but maintains the same internals.

Jump through for the rest of White’s 2013 updates.

White Industries Gates Centertrack Belt 22t Freewheel

Also of note at the White booth was a new 22t Gates Center Track Belt Drive freewheel.  Other sizes to come if demand presents it self.

White Industries MI6 24 hole hubs

Speaking of demand, White Industries has added a 24 hole drilling option on their mountain MI6 disc hubs.  Worried about wheel reliability, they were hesitant to release the drilling option in the past, but with new carbon rims being so strong (the intended application) they felt it was time to update the MI6.


  1. Huge fan of WhiteInd, but that laser etching on the 11 hub is a bit too much and, I dare say, tacky. Guess I’ll be going silver for sure next time. The old blacks were nice an stealth.

  2. Whatever,

    I saw this at this show- the black 11s mechanically (rather than laser) engraved, which makes for a different look. I agree, though- it isn’t nearly as classy as the polished version.

  3. @Whatever: That was my first thought. WI always looks classy. This looks super tacky. As a non-american, the big USA is an instant deal breaker. Would not buy. Their black hubs where they just anodized over the engraving looked much much better. Polish still rules all.

  4. I’ve got WI H2 and H3 hubs in black, so I won’t worry myself about what the new ones look like in black. I’m going to be having a new wheelset built on polished WI hubs, so hopefully the “USA” will be a lot less visible. WI hubs are amazing enough that I could learn to live with the “USA”. WI hubs have a near perfect combination of price and performance. I’ve never been let down by them.

  5. to some riders who have lost their jobs to other parts of the world where we pay pennies to laborers , use slave labor to build products ,force orphaninging -“made in the usa” is nce to see-as well as giving other americans jobs. according to amnesty international the country with the most journalist in jail for doing their job is China.

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