SRAM Powerdome X Glide 1090 cyclocross cassette 12-27

SRAM has unveiled “the first cyclocross specific cassette” with their new Powerdome X-Glide 1090.

It borrows the one-piece cog body and heavy machining work of the XX and new road cassette to help mud, grit and grime fall through easier. Milling is done between the gears on the tool steel cluster and on heat treated alloy backplate, which doubles as the 27t cog. Weight is a paltry 159g and, like the others, comes in with a hefty price tag of $335 (€300).

UPDATED: More & better pics added.

What makes it cyclocross specific is the tooth counts. It’s offered only as a close ratio 12-27, which is apparently what ‘cross superstars Jeremy Powers and Katie Compton have been asking for. Full tooth counts are 12-13-14-15-16-17-19-21-24-27, which means there’s no big jumps between gears. Available in December, another pic after the break…

sram red xglide 12 27t cassette


  1. apsbiker on

    December? For cyclocross? December? Really?

    Not that I would buy one, but for a lot of the amateurs that would, December is too late for State CX or the like. Companies need to get ahead of the game on CX and stop releasing stuff in the late season like this. (TNT Vittorias for example from last year) People do set their bikes up before the season starts, you know.

    Anyway, cool product, at least they’re thinking about the CXers now.

  2. Nick on

    Comments about the price are fairly moot, it’s a Red level cassette for CX. If you buy a cheaper cassette there isn’t an issue. If you want to spend $300 on a cassette for your ‘cross bike, you now can.

  3. Patrick on

    I think if you actually held the XG cassette in hand and understand the machining process, you would appreciate the cassette merely for achievement.

  4. Bertonbike on

    I don’t know if you guys noticed but cx is kind of a big thing here in Belgium… And these guys are going full on now on the highest level of cross in the world…
    Cx is minor in the states compared to over here so the cassette is just in time!

  5. Bre Rue on

    I don’t understand a 12-27 as being cross specific gearing. I mean, just how much time are you spending in a 12 or 13? I think that it would much more useful to have have an 18 and maybe a 20 or a 22 in there for a finer range.

  6. Robo on

    I love the logos between the cogs. So pointlessly cool. As for price, I know a few people that are starting to dump their big money into cross bikes instead of their road bikes so it makes perfect sense that companies would start catering to the new niche.

  7. Ron G. on

    It looks like a cleaning nightmare, unless that large cog/backplate is removable. You sure won’t be able to floss that pretty logo on the cassette body. Of course, if you can afford a $335 cassette, you make also have access to an ultrasonic cleaner.

  8. hollywood on

    [head slap]
    Shimano12-27? I think it cost less than 50% of this thing – $1/gram difference…I guess it’s worth it to someone.

  9. Nathan on

    Best thing about this cassette is probably more for road out here in the rockies. I’ve long wanted a cassette without a 15-17 jump (b/c anytime it’s a little windy that seems to be the gears I’m hunting in), but still had a 26 or better for the “hills”. Now if they’d just offer it at the 1070 level I’d get one. I don’t need a $300 cassette on my training bike.


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