Watch as stainless steel lugs are made via 3D printer and used to make a carbon tubed track bike. Video and bike work by Ralf Holleis.


  1. Just because you can 3D print something doesn’t mean you should. It looks pretty, but my gut says it’ll fold the minute you start to hammer on it. I’d like to see some footage of it actually moving.

  2. Interesting idea, but how strong is this stuff? I”ve been searching for some information on the strength of 3D printed metals, but I can’t find a damn thing.

  3. It would be strong enough if it were annealed after the printing process like the titanium dropouts were in a previous video.

    That aside, it’s still a very nice work of art.

  4. WOW! Ride it or not that was a hint of the hand made future right there. 3d Printing is really getting better everyday! Sure it’s more or less prototype looking but man that inspires design…

  5. Assuming the lugs are strong enough (big assumption) that doesn’t seem like much glue holding the tubes. Also, by “glue” do they mean “high tech epoxy” or “superglue”?

    I think it looks really cool.

  6. Attention armchair engineers: Designer of this bike may have as much insight as you, and may have tested strength before spending huge time and money building said bike. That is all.

  7. @Niviac – As a working mechanical engineer, I’m going to say no, he didn’t. Those lugs are purely aesthetic. The dropouts are especially iffy.

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