Wheelgoo fires ultra-microfibres (25 x finer than human hair) into punctures. It then utilises nano-spheres (as used in liquid body armour) to seal between these fibres. This nano technology means Wheelgoo can get into punctures (like thorn holes) that other products cannot.

Aah yes.  Nanotechnology.  It helps Wheelgoo get into really small holes.  While UK-made Wheelgoo may well be fantastic, we’re not sure that spokesthing “Mr Wheelgoo” is really helping their case.  The company actually uses a pretty interesting Goopump injector system and goes without the potentially damaging ammonia latex needs to keep from congealing.  Interestingly, each bottle contains 9.4mi of puncture-sealing fibers.  Hit the jump for the full rundown, straight from the mouth of Mr Wheelgoo.

Unlike any product we know, Wheelgoo’s fibres form rope-like sealing plugs that extend beyond the puncture inside and outside the tyre. These plugs utilise tens of thousands of fibres which pack together to form an air-tight seal. A bottle of Wheelgoo contains 15.2 kilometres of fibre – so there’s enough to seal dozens of punctures.

Wheelgoo is great for any type of bike, for tubed or tubeless tyres and for any use from competition to recreational riding. The best way to use Wheelgoo is in your tyres from new. Then it can seal punctures automatically as they occur – so you avoid the flats they would otherwise have caused. Wheelgoo seals most tread area punctures, not sidewall damage or perished tubes. If it does not seal an air leak, suspect a perished or badly damaged tube but always give Wheelgoo another chance to form a seal by re-inflating the tyre if it goes soft.

What’s special about Wheelgoo™?

  • Ultra-micro fibres
  • Nano-spheres
  • No latex or glue
  • No chopped rubber
  • Does not dry out or ball up in the tyre
  • Lasts life of tyre
  • Water-washable
  • Non-toxic
  • Special Gootube™ for easier-than-ever squirting sealant into tyres (and not elswhere!)
  • Revolutionary Goopump™ for effortless tyre injection
  • Professional, easy-to-use tools provided to remove valve cores
  • Coloured valve caps provided to identify Wheelgoo’d tyres
  • Child-resistant security cap on bottle



  1. Is that a new aero suit? I am impressed that someone has finally addressed one of the major issues with aero suits today, your head. Think about how much drag your mouth hanging open and your ears create. Do you really need to see when TTing?

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