Surly Retires Original FatBike Tread, the Endomorph


As the tire that was largely responsible for bringing fat biking to the masses, Surly’s Endomorph has been seen on a lot of fat tired bikes over the past years. However, with fat biking changing rapidly with different designs and even bigger tires, Surly is apparently sending the Endomorph into permanent retirement. Recently, Surly tweeted:

The End of an Era.The Surly Endomorph, the tire that started it all is retired.Just a handful left.

Fat Bikers need not despair however, as Surly still has a wide range of current fat tires regardless of the size or conditions you’re riding. Check out a full run down of Surly’s current tire offerings after the break.

Surly Retires Original FatBike Tread, the Endomorph

Surly’s Fatbike tires are now split up into essentially two groups – 3.8s for use on Pugleys or other fatbikes with standard crankset clearance, or 4.7s/4.8s for use with the Surly Moonlander with the use of specially offset cranksets to clear the monster tires. One of the tires most likely responsible for the Endomorph’s retirement is the Larry. Available in both a 3.8 and the Big Fat Larry 4.7, the Larry offered similar crawling ability to the Endomorph, but offered much better lateral grip, especially on the front when turning in loose conditions.

Surly Retires Original FatBike Tread, the Endomorph

Surly’s Nate tire was their first take on a really aggressive tread for a fatbike. Sold in the 3.8 size, the knobby Nates offer incredible traction while still shedding most of the muck.

Surly Retires Original FatBike Tread, the Endomorph

Surly Retires Original FatBike Tread, the EndomorphNot content to let the 3.8s have all the fun, Surly took the Nate as a starting point and created the Bud and Lou 4.8 front/rear combo. With a 7mm tread height for the front specific Bud and rear specific Lou, with these tires mounted to a Moonlander the should stand up to Surly’s claims of  “the wildest, gnarliest, oh my god my face is bleeding tires available.”

Surly Retires Original FatBike Tread, the EndomorphIf you’re looking for tread, but rather knobs that won’t slow you down, Surly has a 3.8 version of the Knard that is the tire of choice for their new Krampus 29+. Built on the same casing as the Nate and Larry tires, the Knard will impart some speed on your Pugs.

Surly Retires Original FatBike Tread, the Endomorph

Finally, if you’d rather have no tread at all, Surly’s Black Floyd 3.8 will have you cruising the streets on a bike that’s guaranteed to turn heads. Great for using your fat bike as a beach cruiser in the off season?



  1. were do you live Campy? This makes sense to us here in balmy Winnipeg. with 4-5 months of winter Its great to have all these options for fat bikes. Now every river is a new single track.

  2. I live in the desert it looks like it has a good “paddle wheel” effect that would be good in the conditions I ride in, As a rear tire, guess it is just me

  3. Quinn, not to worry, just about everyone in the world has been selling their Endos, you should be able to find one used for not much cash.

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