boo Bikes to Premier Architectural Bike, Glissando at NAHBS

Taking their bamboo bike craft a step further, Boo bicycles is set to release the first bike to be fashioned from both titanium and bamboo. Boo claims the bike was inspired by architecture and sustainability, but designed to meet the needs of every day cyclists.

The Glissando was co-created by architect and former pro Corey Collier and former pro cyclist and Boo Bicycles owner, Nick Frey. Most of the design inspiration for the Glissando came from the 1940’s molded plywood chair designed by well known American architect Charles Eames. Dubbed the Glissando, the name is a musical term that means to slide from one pitch to another, or in the case of the bike, to transfer elegantly from one material to another.  In order to facilitate the double material build, James Boylan of James Frames is fabricating the titanium sections while James Wolf, the master bamboo craftsman for Boo is creating the bamboo pieces.

The first and only Glissando prototype will be on display at NAHBS, so make sure to check it outand let them know if you like it. Pricing yet to be determined.


  1. I like the look of it, though it seems that the devil is in the details. If the seat tube really is not connected to anything but the BB shell, well, that seems foolish. I look forward to seeing proto photos from NAHBS.

  2. I want to see what happens when they get a bent wheel and the tire knobs start sawing away at the seat stays. I bet that a bamboo splinter would puncture the tire before the stay snaps. So running a tubeless tire should void the warranty.

  3. Valid Cycles did a couple concept bamboo bikes like that two years ago, and it was all bamboo. looks cool though, I’m interested to see it in person

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