Retroshift Sturmy Archer 3 Speed
The card reads "Hipsters Rejoice!"

Adam from Retroshift is here at NAHBS displaying his wears along with a few new additions.  Up first is the new Sturmy Archer three speed shifter.  The shifter mounts up, but does require 2mm to be ground off the bolt.  The plan is to source a new, shorter bolt.  But for now, if you want it, it works with an easy modification.

Personally, I am running a Retroshift set up on my gravel racer and love them.  Expect a full review soon.

Past the break you get Campy and colors.

Retroshift Strumy Archer 3 Speed Shifter

Three speed shifting glory.

Retroshift Campy Shifters

Old school Campy shifting is back in a new way.

Retroshift Colors

Hurray for anodization.




  1. SRAM make some GREAT stuff but it does not translate super well to this dedicated cyclocross system. The SRAM bar-end shifters, while really nice, are exceptionally stiff in operation as compared to the ones we have made for us or others that can be used. SRAM bar ends are also relatively expensive which also does not fit with our philosophy of making the best possible cross shifters. In cross you are going to break stuff and so we believe pricing should be a part of the equation. We provide a $24 re-build service for a crash damaged shifter. If the system was used with a SRAM bar-end the crash fix would be more like $100. That is money that could be used to make your bike faster (by spending it on your wheels – not shifters) and most importantly that is ALLOT OF BEER MONEY!

    We do have some SRAM equipped riders. When replacing the shifters they also replace the rear derailleur and are 100% good to go. This might not sound like great news for a current SRAM user but after crashing once and taking out an expensive rear derailleur it quickly makes more sense.



  2. Any plan to make a lever compatible with SRAM hoods? I’m a gravel guy and I know it’s just a matter of time before the shifters bite it. I really love the hood shape though so I really don’t want to change that!

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