Spotted at FrostBike 2013: New K-Edge Ultegra Ki2 on a Salsa BearGrease Fatbike?

Sure, there have been plenty of mountain bikes and fat bikes that have been set up with Di2, taking advantage of K-Edge’s derailleur cage modification. So what’s interesting about this BearGrease that was spotted along the halls of QBP?

Well, the nicely machined handlebar clamp suggests it may be a new version of the K-Edge Ki2 shifter. This would not only be the first Ki2 shifter we’ve seen that doesn’t have a tab on the top to mount to a brake lever, but also the first for the Ultegra Di2 drivetrain. The bracket instead has a bar clamp that is attached to the side of the shifter with a bolt, meaning it looks like there would be a decent amount of adjustment to the shift pod allowing you to position it for better ergonomics.

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Spotted at FrostBike 2013: New K-Edge Ultegra Ki2 on a Salsa BearGrease Fatbike?

Yes, that is an Ultegra Di2 rear derailleur with a Ki2 derailleur cage. We’re not sure if it is the same cage as the Dura-Ace model, but clearly it works.

Spotted at FrostBike 2013: New K-Edge Ultegra Ki2 on a Salsa BearGrease Fatbike?

This particular BearGrease was running a 1×10 set up with the back plate to a chain guide, but without an actual chain guide. When we weighed this bike it came in at right around 27 pounds, so perhaps the chain guide-less set up is an attempt to save weight. No words on the rather interesting battery/wire set up, though without a front derailleur there is no need to bring the wires down to the bottom bracket. This set up may allow for use of the shortest wiring loom possible.

Spotted at FrostBike 2013: New K-Edge Ultegra Ki2 on a Salsa BearGrease Fatbike?

Another look at the shifter shows the new clamp along with the mounting bolt to the side of the shifter. Since the original K-Edge Ki2 shifter was designed to integrate into Shimano levers (though we’ve seen it on Formulas as well), this new clamp would obviously open it up to whatever brakes you wanted to run.

K-Edge first mentioned they would be working on an Ultegra Ki2 kit way back in 2011, while it may be a little behind schedule, it looks like Ultegra Ki2 might be just around the corner.



  1. dan on

    Because battery life apparently now lasts longer when its freezing out. But wait these are the rich hipster mobiles so it actually makes perfect sense.

  2. SL on

    That’s some nice work, particularly with the shifter mount. Too bad I can’t help but think that K-Edge and their Ki2 work around won’t be very relevant in the near future.

  3. Pete on

    @dan Don’t these batteries last like 3000 hours? Even if you half that for cold weather operation, that is 1000 more hours than anyone actually rides fatbikes.

    Unless they just enjoy going slow and lacking maneuverability on a regular basis or they live someplace terrible and need to move south…

  4. Nelson Muntz on

    I have a Ui2 road bike that I bought last fall.
    I never charged the battery out of the box.
    I probably put 100 hours on it….mostly in sub 50F temps.
    And another 30 hours in temps around or below freezing….still going strong.
    But I have been riding my fat bike more in the cold.
    I must be a rich hipster……hooray!
    I’m a rich hipster!
    Lattes for every body!!!!! On me! Except for that dan guy….

    I will have this Ki2 on my mtb….cuz I’m a rich hipster

  5. David on

    cool! makes a lot of sense to me… I have a lot of cable freeze and ders get a bit stuck on the fatbike, would be nice to have a little motor to plow through the crud instead of relying on a little spring and cables not having friction in the lines (which it never really happens that way). Seems to be working great on pro cross racers over the last few years. Also, even at half mast the battery will outlast my damn phone.

  6. isaac on

    At 27 pounds this bike is hardly “fat” so the electronic shifting seems to addressing the issue of snow and crud gunking your drivetrain up.
    If you think a few pounds is really slowing you down, i have bad news for you- it’s not the bike. HTFU.

  7. David French on

    @Nelson Muntz – Hipsters are more picky about their coffee. What you should offer is Indonesian Sumatran double shot macchiatos for everyone.

    Is anybody making slick tyres for fat bikes yet so I can have a fixed gear one and go skidding on it? And when will Martin Ashton be making a trials video on one?

  8. Haromania on

    SWEET!! Now all I need is the carbon version of the Beargrease and I will be the hippest hipster on the planet!

    But like, yeah, I want a carbon beargrease with electronic shifting on it. Bad.


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