BMC Turns an Impec into an Aventador for Lamborghini's 50th, Offers it for Slightly Less Than a Car

No doubt targeted to someone who can actually afford a Lamborghini, BMC has introduced a very special 50th Anniversary Edition Impec to celebrate the occasion. While the bike is certainly much less than an actual Lambo, the  stratospheric 25,000 Euro ($32,582 at the current rate of exchange) price tag makes the Factor/Aston Martin One77 bike look like a bargain. But, the point of limited editions is to be, well, limited and the 50 made to order Lamborghini edition Impecs certainly check that box.

Recently, also to celebrate their 50th anniversary, Lamborghini unveiled a one off, carbon monocoque version of the Aventador dubbed the Venenos automobile. The Venenos happens to be the fastest and most powerful Lambo ever built, and also the most expensive car Lamborghini has ever made at an even more astounding $3.9 million.  There are only 3 Venenos that will be made, and they’re already spoken for – however, you might have a chance of getting the BMC if you have the coin. At first glance drawing parallels between super cars and road bikes may be a stretch, but there is clearly some similarities in how carbon fiber is used in their construction to push them to the limits of weight and performance which is at the core of both BMC and Lamborghini. Honestly, we’re a bit surprised that this special edition is coming from a Swiss company, rather than an Italian one – though Ferarri bikes have already been done through Colnago and you know how well Ferarri and Lamborghini get along.

Curious what over $32k gets you? Read on to find out.

BMC Turns an Impec into an Aventador for Lamborghini's 50th, Offers it for Slightly Less Than a Car

While the frame is unapologetically Swiss, the component group is all Italian. Campagnolo Super Record EPS is certainly where some of that price tag comes from, along with Campy Bora Carbon Tubular wheels. Of course there is the custom Lamborghini 50th Anniversary Aventador Yellow Paint job that will leave you in tears the first time you scuff the finish. Which begs the question: would you ride a bike like this? Or would you display it in your garage – next to your Aventador of course.

BMC Turns an Impec into an Aventador for Lamborghini's 50th, Offers it for Slightly Less Than a Car

In addition to the paint, the same leather that is used for the Aventador’s seats has been incorporated in to a custom Fizik Arione 00 Lamborghini Edtion saddle and matching bar tape. Don’t expect to find replacements in a shop near you. As mentioned, each of the 50 Lambo Edition BMCs will be made to order with option for gearing, handlebar width, stem length, and a choice of a race or performance fit frame. Interested? Bicycles can be purchased through either international BMC or Lamborghini dealers, with the final bike delivered to the dealer. For more information direct your inquiries to:

BMC Turns an Impec into an Aventador for Lamborghini's 50th, Offers it for Slightly Less Than a Car




  1. Awesome paint job, but I have never been a fan of the line of the tail end which looks a lot like the Kestrle’s. Just something about how the seat stay is way down the seat post tube – just looks wrong to me. I am sure it has some purpose however.

  2. So an Italian car company is relying on a Swiss bike company? I know Colnago already have ties with Ferrari but Bianchi, DeRosa, Willier, etc. must be a bit irked at being passed over.

  3. i really don’t care where the battery is. that’s like asking me to change the oil in my lambo. seriously?

  4. And I am sure there is lots of people that do want to know where the battery is…Basically everybody that owns a Campa EPS group.

  5. Normally I avoid ascribing to malice that which can be explained by stupidity, but in this case it looks like they left off the battery to make it look better in the photo shoot which I guess qualifies as stupidity in the cause of deception.

  6. ummm…so 20 grand for a paint job and fancy handlebar tape? Did BMC sell these to Lambo at full retail? Its disgusting that BMC even thinks that 50 people have the disposable income for this… Maybe in 100 years it will be worth what someone paid for it, but 5 min after the purchase it will be worth 10-12 grand. Dumb.

  7. Notice there are no valve stems, and the front brake cable disappears. Chances are that the battery has been left off, or photoshopped out for display purposes as mentioned.

  8. Beside the hidden (photoshopped?) battery it’s worth noting there are two caps mounted to the crankset. Bikeradar has some close-ups of them.

  9. really ripnshread… you don’t think there are 50 people in this world with $32k to spend on a bike for no reason other than to spend $32k on a bike? I personally know people with income high enough to do so if they wished, and they are hardly on the rich end of rich (just surgeons and the like). Or, here is a partial list of the estimated 1400+ billionaires on the planet who wouldn’t even blink twice at that cost if they wanted a bike…

  10. I’m just tired of seeing “Limited Editions” that are no more than a fancy paint job. Where is the gilding, the small batch parts, the chi chi. If you’r not one of the 3 who got this car you can get a way more exclusive and limited bike and have it painted any way you wanted and probably certified by Lambo…… Its like the new Campy 50th…stickers and a massive price increase. Guess I just wouldn’t want to throw away the cash. Ill spend 30 grand on bikes, I have. Just show me its worth it. And this is not.

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