Spotted: New Scott Aero Road Helmet?

Photo c. Graham Watson


Ok, so admittedly we’re a little behind on this one, but it’s still worth pointing out that in addition to Specialized, much of Scott’s Orica GreenEDGE race team were sporting what appears to be a new aero road lid at Milan San Remo. Although at MSR, aero helmets turned out to be more useful for blocking snow and ice from entering through the front than the aerodynamic advantages they would provide. Unlike the unknown helmet Specialized’ riders were seen wearing, the Scott lid has almost no frontal venting with the exception of 3 small vertical vents on the front of the helmet – and we’re assuming there is probably a vent under the front lip of the helmet that you can’t see. Scott’s lid looks the most like a standard road helmet that has had the vents filled in compared to the new crop of aero road helmets like the Giro Air Attack, though whether that is a good thing or not is up to your personal tastes.

Check out Orica GreenEDGE’s Milan San Remo Back Stage Pass video next, for closeups of the helmet as well as a very interesting behind the scenes look at a snowy, icy race that is sure to go down in the history books.


Spotted: New Scott Aero Road Helmet?

The new aero helmet in a much warmer race environment. Photo c. Graham Watson


  1. Lou on

    This is by far the best looking of the group. The Giro Air Attack is awful and looks like the helmet my father wore in 1985.

  2. Thethe on

    You haven’t seen a frontal view. It’s like a giant circumsized penis on your head… I will friggin work my wattage before I bike into a penal head !

  3. Ventruck on

    Looks better to me also, but I think that’s only because the color scheme is more strategic to make it look less bulbous. It’s the rear that wins me most because it’s reminiscent of what we’ve currently got and the way it finishes the helmet’s lines is much more interesting than the solid&curved stuff we’ve seen in the Giro and Specialized options.


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