We’re a little late on this product, so please forgive us, but this is a very severe case of “better late than never.” Park Tools just turned 50 this year (!) and are celebrating by releasing a limited edition of our most frequently used tool.

This limited edition triangle features a forged, two-piece aluminum body, anodized in (the trademarked) Park Tools Blue. The hexes are made of industrial strength, heat-treated steel, and gold plated for good measure.  Retail price is $32.95.

Hey Sweety, if you’re reading this, my birthday is coming up….


  1. its not gold plated ,I already got one
    it looks like a really pale version to ti nitride
    cool tool just not as vibrant as in the pics
    I’m going to wear mine out so everyone else’s goes up in value
    you can thank me latter

  2. it is gold plated. allen wrenches are made by Bondhus for Park Tools, have been for a while. 14carat. i got one too, and it’s identical in finish to my Bondhus gold plated L-hex wrenches.

  3. maybe they skipped mine
    was just saying don’t be disappointed if it looks more silver than the pic
    got mine direct from QBP and it is not gold
    wish I could post a pic

  4. I just got mine yesterday. One for work and one for the mantel at home. They are definitely not as gold in person as they are in the picture. But it’s likely that it’s just a very thin gold plating. If it was any thicker, the flats wouldn’t be strong enough to actually use the tool.

    My only complaint with the tool is that the alloy body makes it a lot heavier than the standard AWS-1.

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