Last year, Banshee introduced a fleet of bikes based on their newly redesigned KS Link suspension platform. For Sea Otter, the company was showcasing a new prototype 29er with all the heralded North Shore characteristics – good looks, slack angles, and plush travel.

Jump past the break for some close ups…

Jon Hatfield, the Sales and Marketing Manager of Banshee Bikes, was tight lipped about the specs as changes are still in the works.

What we did notice was ISCG05 tabs, threaded BB, a tapered head tube, and one seriously beautiful bike.

The sleek new frame is slated to be released as part of their 2015 lineup.

The prototype was utilizing the companies existing adjustable dropouts which allows the end consumer to easily swap between different axle sizes, change the headtube half a degree, and move the BB a quarter inch.



  1. That is one seriously good lookin bike – well done to Keith and his Team. Cannot wait to see the finished production version – maybe time to add to the Banshee fleet!!

  2. ^ My thoughts exactly ^
    At least one bottle mount that isn’t a pain to reach. With all the thought that goes into the various adjustments and features in frames so many compromise one really useful,necessary thing – the ability to carry water.

  3. @Samuel J. Greear @David put it on your road bike. This bike is not intended for you if you have to ask about such silly things as water bottles. Sheesh. Or if you have to have this bike because everyone at the shop says how awesome it is you could try a hydration pack.

  4. oh no we forgot to add in cage mounts! quick, lets redesign THE ENTIRE SUSPENSION PLATFORM (and downtube mounts dont count because they are silly. mud = case in point)

  5. With bikes like the upcoming Enduro from the big S or the Intense Spiders that do include a water bottle mount I cant think a good excuse not to include one. As for Hydration packs I have a few and use them but I can’t stand wearing them.

  6. …i would say the shock. the shock right in the middle of the frame is a pretty good excuse not to include one. because they designed a full suspension system and frame first and kept on-frame water bottle accessibility…last. and if this frame performs anything like their current ks link bikes – it will get rave reviews from riders (and why wouldnt it…).

  7. Just as there are plenty of other frames in this category that get rave reviews and still manage a bottle mount. I ride rough terrain for long distances and I like to have a hydro pack full of water and a bottle full of go-go juice. Call me crazy. I find it hard to believe that this suspension design couldn’t be done with the shock in a different,bottle friendly location.

  8. Nicholas, you must be right… I have been looking for something longer and slacker than my 100mm bike for long backcountry days, but I need to be able to carry at least 5-6hr of water, that means at least 2 bottles and a hydration pack. Currently I carry 3 and a hydration pack on my rigid. This bike obviously isn’t intended for that.

  9. complaints water bottle mounts??? this is how i know i am reading bike rumor comments.

    this is a good looking bike. nice straight lines. plus Banshee’s twist on 29. you have my interest.

  10. Yeah,bottle mounts. Been riding full suspension bikes since 1994 and every one of them has had at least one good mount. Even the longer travel 29 inch ones. To go without is just lazy design. Much easier to put the shock there and rely on hydro packs,but to me that’s piss poor and lazy.

  11. I agree with the water bottle mount folks. After riding with a Camelback for over 1 years I’ve liberated my back and shoulders by going to water bottles. It’s so nice to not have a hot sweaty pack on your back. This bike looks nice but unless it brings some new and significant leap in suspension technology, at the very least it needs to accomodate one easy access water bottle mount.

  12. Maybe a non traditional mount, for instance, on the bottom of the top tube. It looks like there may be room for one there.

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