Late last year, SRAM launched a revolutionary new eleven speed drivetrain exclusively for single chainring setups. It’s called XX1, just in case you’ve been living under a rock.

The new groupo centers around a wide range cassette and doesn’t require a chain guide due to a unique tooth profile which helps hold the chain in place. Several companies are leaping into the ring to make your current set of cranks of compatible with the new system and we’ve already reviewed at least one option.

For those of you who own E13 cranks, the company has a new product currently in development that will allow you to reap the benefits of a chain ring tooth profile optimized for chain retention….

The new ring uses a big, small, big profile for chain retention and is therefore limited to even sizes. The company is promising to  release chain rings between 28-36t that will easily fit on their existing cranks, but the staff is pushing for a 38t (because racer).


  1. @Seraph, I have the XCX top guide, and the smallest it officially goes down to is 32T. Unofficially I expect a little smaller might work but certainly not as well.

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