Race Face 30t 104 chainring

Hinted at after our original post on the new Race Face Narrow Wide (N/W) chainrings, Race Face components 30t 104 BCD chainring is official. Race Face now joins WTC in offering a 30t N/W ring that is compatible with cranksets that typically have a 32t minimum by spacing out the ring with threaded posts.

Consumers looking for lower gearing for 1×9/10/11 conversion just got another option. More details next.

Race Face 30t 104 chainring1

Race Face 104 30T installed2 Race Face 104 30T installed

Like all of the other N/W rings from Race Face, the 30t ring is compatible with any 104 BCD crankset and is compatible with 9, 10, and 11 speed chains. As more and more riders look to ditch the front derailleur in favor of 1x setups, N/W chainrings offer amazing chain security without the need of a chain guide. The 35g 30t N/W ring will be available in early July and will be offered in black, blue, red, and green. Retail is set at $59.99.

Like the WTC ring, the Race Face ring does not use a two piece chainring bolt. Instead the ring itself is threaded and is attached with an M8x0.75 chainring bolt of varying length based on the thickness of the crank tabs. In order to figure out the correct bolt length and whether or not you need the Race Face tab shims they offer, there is a handy chart for your reference.

Race Face Narrow Wide Chainrings

You may have to wait a bit for the 30t ring, but 32/34/36/38 t rings ( all colors – Black/Blue/Red/Green) of the Single N/W will begin shipping this week.


  1. Nice to see another alternate tooth ring on the market. We just replaced a customer’s 32t XX1 ring after only 500 miles. Dry conditions.
    SRAM is standing behind their product, but it’s still nice to see some alternatives to a $130 MSRP chainring…


  2. Those rings are beautiful. If it wasn’t a total hack to try and get a 104 BCD ring on a road bike without screwing with the q-factor i’d try to utilize one for a 1×10 cross bike.

  3. The rings are cool looking. But most importantly, I am glad Race Face is alive and doing well. Glad some of the older earlier mountain companies are ok like Paul, White and Race Face. Wish others would come back like Cook, Kooka-the real one, Nuke Proof-again, the real one and others.
    Man I miss those days. Yes, I’m old.

  4. I have a full XX1 setup on my race bike and love it, but can’t afford to put it on all my bikes. Very tempted to get this for my all mountain rig.

  5. CK I was thinking exactly the same thing. Short cage X0 type 2, 11-32 xx cassette, Red shifter, 900 single speed carbon left brake lever….. AND for the crank, THM Clavicula DP68 (104bcd, 68mm only bb shell, 164mm q factor, and a perfect chainline when sticking the rf ring in the usual small chainring position). Pricey but glorious.

  6. CK,

    The old SRAM Ruleur carbon road cranks use the same removable spider as X0 and XX1- you could grab a set for $100 on eBay and a 104 spider and make it happen for well under $200.

  7. CK,
    I’ve talked myself into it:
    Carbon road cranks, $70 http://www.ebay.com/itm/Truvativ-Rouleur-carbon-crankset-and-GXP-bottom-bracket-39-53-172-5-/261219306048?pt=US_Cranksets&hash=item3cd1e24a40
    NSB Spider, $50 http://www.ebay.com/itm/North-Shore-Billet-104bcd-1x-Spider-For-SRAM-X9-GXP-Cranks-Black-/350804745194?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item51ad979bea
    Race Face 38t chainring, $60

    There’s your $180 narrow/wide ‘cross crankset! Will mountain Type 2 r derailleurs work with Sram road shifters?

  8. SRAM is set to release XO1 so those of us who couldn’t afford the XX1 are gonna be stoked and these rings will be a nice addition to that setup.

  9. I had a X9 Type 2 on a cross bike for about a week. Lots of drag pedaling shifting was mediocre at best into the largest cogs… It was quiet, but very noticeable.

  10. I have a FSA crank, with 3 bolt system for the chainrings. Anybody who knows, if I can get a 30 chainring for driving with only 1 front

  11. Hey guys who have already worn out their XX1 rings- what happens when they wear out?Are they skipping under load or does the chain start dropping?

  12. When are the American made narrow-wide direct / spiderless 28t-32t chainrings going to be in stock and shipping? In Stock.

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