The cat is out of the bag now, Mavic’s new Crossmax wheel tire system is specifically geared towards Enduro. Working with riders like Jérôme Clementz and Anne-Caroline Chausson, different tire combinations were tested to develop the best system for the challenging terrain of many Enduro races. Enduro to Mavic apparently only included 26 and 27.5 for now, so no options for 29ers.


  1. “specifically geared towards Enduro.”


    Yet another meaningless word to describe mountain biking, along with trail, all mountain, and freeride. This marketing ultrahype seriously needs to end.

  2. @Mike: I hear you… Market segmentation FTW!!! Now if you do XC, you almost can’t find a decent 26″ bike, it’s all 29ers. 650b is being marketined as the (next) best thing for Trail, Enduro and AM. Now the question is how long will it take for the manufacturers to force a new wheel standard for DH and FR…

  3. Luiggi-Sure….nothing in XC is 26″, but XC is dead and has been for awhile. Enduro however there area many riders who still prefer 26″ for their personal riding style, their prefered suspension platform, or favorite tires/wheels. But it is far from dead as a wheel size. Many companies still make 26″ wheel bikes. It’ll be a long time before it’s dead (if ever) in the 140mm+ travel category.

    650b definitely has a place in enduro class and rightfully is being adopted (it’s not just marketing) for those races. It’s not going to take over, just be an option. I like it, but I do like certain traits of a 26″ tire/wheel as well.

    I’m not surprised Mavic is not offering a 29er option (yet). It’s simply limited in suspension platform adaptability at 140mm+ travel. Yes, some have done it, but others can’t. Others shouldn’t try. It all depends on the design.

  4. Well said @Mike.

    My mountain bike is an 8 year hardtail with 9-spd XT. I can rip the legs off of most riders around here on 5K$ bikes. Not all of them obviously. Just alot of people feed on the fact that if they spend more money on gear they’ll get faster.

    • @Michel, HA! Jermoe is Jérôme’s Stig-like brother. You’re actually not supposed to know he even exists.

  5. Marketing BS aside, I am always appreciative when companies continue to try and develop better products and put in real resources to do so. Kudos to Mavic

    @Sevo – I believe the 27.5 will obsolete the 26. I just bought a brand new Remedy 9.9 in 26 because I still think it is a few years off to where there are sufficient options and the geometry is dialed in – but it is going to happen. Already my LBS guys tell me the 26er sit on the floor, 29ers fly out the door and everyone wants a 27.5.

  6. 26 wheels are done. Just because you beat people doesn’t mean the bikes are slow. You would be faster on a 29’er. The bikes are more fun, ride easier through technical terrain. So tired of you self righteous ‘hardcore’ XC riders. Modern wheel sizes make the riding for less serious riders, the beginners and the expert riders out there. I’m sure your bike is fast, Model T was faster than a horse and carriage. I bet you have a No Fear sticker on a piece of your gear and have 22″ handlebars because width is new and scary.

  7. I think it’s funny that someone preferring 26″ wheels has to be disdained as an “elitist”. If the whole point of having a MTB is to make everything extremely comfortable and easy, why even bother riding MTB? Stick to pavement where it’s always smooth and your road bike is ridiculously easy to pedal up a hill.

    So many riders want to buy a level of riding ability, rather than learning how to ride well. When they get called on their lazy approach, they accuse the caller of “elitism” and slip into personal insult.

    Maybe these buy-a-skill riders should just get a PS2 console and play Downhill Domination all day, rather than actually riding?

  8. @jose- hey, let’s build and sponsor a 29er dh squad cuz 29ers cut gnar like butter said no one ever. Still.
    if you rock skills on 20s, 26s like Hill, kovarik, macdonald, akrigg, or even close to jackson goldstone then apologies. enjoy your pedal damnit sticker.

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