SONY DSCAs reported last month, Stan’s has been working on a thru-axle version of their singlespeed 3.30SS hubs in response to the latest 142x12mm frames from Niner and others.  Well, we’ve seen it- and it’s more or less what we expected: a thru-axle version will soon be a no-cost option on wheels that use the 3.30ss.  After the break: a glimpse at what OEM customers can expect for 2015

SONY DSCIn good news for those looking at buying a complete bike in a couple of years’ time, Stan’s is working on 28mm and 30mm wide Rapid rims for OEM spec.  These wider rims will bring Stan’s bead holding and tubeless compatibility to ever-lower price points- good news for everyone.  We’ll start to see these on spec sheets in a year’s time and in the field shortly after that…

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