Barfly 2-0 colors 2

If you’re looking for something other than black for your Garmin mounting needs, Tate Labs has you covered with 3 additional colors for the Bar Fly 2.0. In addition to the black 2.0 that was recently launched, the 2.0 is also available in blue, white, and Hi-viz yellow. The mount is the same Garmin 200/500 and 510/800/810 friendly design ad material offered for the same $24.95 with their buy-one-and-you’re-done warranty.


  1. They should make a universal male puck just like what is on the back of a Garmin. This could be attached to other devices with two small screws and then they would sell way more mounts.

  2. Willis24-Ok…but then who’s going to come up with the standard for the screws? And who really wants to start drilling into their iphone or whatever? Not me. My Garmin is the way to go right now I’m sticking to it

  3. I’d like to see a Bar Fly adapter for the Garmin 705, something that does away with the traditional 705 mount lock tab that is present on SRAM’s adapter.

  4. I see nothing about Bar Fly working on a 705 mount, and the type of 705 mount I’m talking about is one that will work with a 1/4 turn mount. Raceware Direct used to have an adapter on their site, but it doesn’t seem to be there any more.

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