SONY DSCHere’s a neat idea for your flat-bar’d townie or mountain bike:  Individual, brightly-colored GripRings that can be mixed to match your ride.  Or mixed to not match.  It’s up to you.  The recently Kickstarted SpurCycle project is a neat one, allowing the purchaser to use the online GripRings Builder to configure the squidgy nesting donuts to their heart’s content.

When our GripRings sampler arrived, we suffered some severe analysis paralysis and wound up playing it safe: coordinating with the black, gray, and white color scheme on our Project 1.2 singlespeed.  Hit the jump to see what happened!


Yup, there be grips!  With just a bit of water to help, the GripRings slid on easily and are so far staying in place just fine.  An expanding bar plug adds a bit of security, nesting within the end-most grip.  It’s not nearly as reassuring as, say, a Lock-On clamp- but it’ll take a bit of angry singlespeeding to know for sure.

GripRings Builder

Unlike more common Kraton rubber, the Silicone material wipes clean easily- especially nice on bright colors.  When mounted, GripRings are slightly plump and pleasantly squishy- better for those who wear minimally-padded gloves.  Each GripRing costs $1.25 and a pair of end plugs $4- bringing a set of 14 to about $22- more than standard grips but less than most lock-ons.  We’d like to spend some more time on our GripRings before issuing a verdict, but so far they seem like a fun, comfy way to add a bit of flair to your ride.


  1. Lance David on

    I have to chime in. I have these on 4 bikes and they are my favorite grips. No glue or clamp ring needed. If you choose white they stay clean (as to all colors). They are easy to install. They have proven very durable. They have just the right amount of cush, more than almost any other grip, and they are tacki. I also don’t use water to install, just stretch each ring on one at a time, install the end plug, and slide them back tight to the plug. If a bike shop owner reads this, you should stock some.

  2. Quickie on

    I wouldn’t classify all singlespeeders as “angry.” It seems like the author just wanted to be a precious and unique snowflake, so he wrote an article defining himself as angry. He strives to be his khakis. His belongings define who he is as a man and what not. In reality singlespeeders are represented by a wide spectrum of people just like any other form of biking.

    Grips look slick. I wish I thought of such a simple but profitable idea.

  3. jonboy on

    Was going to order a pair since seeing them at NAHBS. However, when you order off their website, the cost is $32 without shipping. Website doesn’t say if plugs are included. Pretty pricey.
    Guess I’ll stay with my chunkies.


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